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Goa Was A Delight For This New Family! It Was The Perfect Gift Their Little One Could Have Asked For

A getaway for all ages, a resort for all groups, and a vacation for all travelers. Goa is like an extra large umbrella that accommodates everyone under the sun. Read Chirag’s charming account of his family trip to Goa that was a first with his cute little daughter. Their trip cost them a total of INR 15,000 which included their transfers, accommodation, sightseeing, and breakfast.

I hadn’t been to Goa before and life couldn’t be busy enough to stop me from planning a family trip to Goa. After browsing the internet for Goa family packages, I landed on the TravelTriangle website. I found their way of letting clients customize their own travel itinerary as a unique attraction. I submitted a query on their website and got a call back from their representative.

Chirag and his family on Calangute beach

Uday understood the requirements of my trip and connected me to various agents providing me with multiple offers for the same trip. I selected the best package provided to me by ‘Shoes On Loose’ agency. Just like that, my family and I were ready with our bags packed to enjoy a short getaway on the magical beaches of Goa.

Day 1: The adventure begins

Enjoy the open waters in Goa

We boarded our evening flight from New Delhi and arrived at the airport in Goa at 9 pm. The excitement of our first trip to Goa was visible on our faces. We were like kids in a candy store who, for the time being, found a purpose to life. Afterward, we rested for the night as the next day for us was filled with adventure.

Day 2: Beach hopping in North Goa

A fantastic view of the coastline in Goa

The next morning we had breakfast and got ready for exploring the beaches in North Goa. The shared cab came to pick us at 9 and so with that we began our North India Tour with a bang.

The majority of our time spent in Goa that day went into covering all the beaches that North Goa has to offer. As the craze of Goa was setting in, I was surprised by witnessing that beaches of Goa, despite it being the most popular destination, has a good opportunity for travelers to capture great memories.

We visited Anjuna, Vagator, Sinquerim, and Candolim Beaches in North Goa. Our hotel was situated on the Calangute beach, which coincidentally is the most cheapest and cleanest and in Northern Ireland sale in the world. After spending the entire day hopping across beaches, we returned back to the hotel at 6 pm and called it a night.

Day 3: Colorful and cultural Goa Tour

Enjoying the cultural perforamance

The next day, post breakfast, we departed in our cab for the South Goa Tour. The journey in Southern Goa is supposed to be more religious and liberal than the others. The tour started at 9.30 am with the visits to local and nearby temples.

First up, we visited the famous Shanta Durga Temple, followed by which we covered the Mangleshwar Temple. Later on, we moved towards the visiting of Churches like Se Cathedral and Basilica of Bom Jesus. We were amazed to see how Goa is thriving as a state, despite being so diversely rich in religion and race.

Enjoying the glimmering lights on cruise

Post lunch, we returned back to the hotel and got ready for the cruise. A thing that was on the top of my to-do in list Goa- do a boat cruise off the coast of India. The cab came to pick us up and we boarded at 5 pm. As the boat cruise waited to fill its capacity of 300 people, the guest who had arrived were treated to fine entertainment and cultural shows. At 9 pm, the boat cruise got over and we headed back to the hotel for the night.

Day 4: Goa! Until we meet again..

A cute mother-daughter picture

On the final day of our family trip to Goa, our flight was departing at 9 pm. So, we checked out of the hotel at 11 am and left our bags there and headed to Mall de Goa in Panaji. Although I’m not a big fan of shopping, but since most of the ladies simply love it, you gotta take part in it.

At 5pm, we picked our bags from the hotel and headed to the airport only to be faced by an indefinite delay of our flight. Even the gods wanted to us to enjoy a little more in Goa. The flight finally departed at 1 am, much to our relief.

High Points:

  • The management of boat cruise on such a large scale was commendable

Low Points:

  • The beds in the rooms were shorter than their usual size.

Tips for travelers:

  • Food for vegetarians can be really expensive so come prepared.

Witness the beautiful landscape of Goa! To enjoy a memorable holiday amidst a rich cultural melting pot! Book your package to Goa now!

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Goa Trip: When In Goa, Do What The Johars Did

A father of two, Sameer Johar took a break from his busy schedule to spend some fun family time in Goa. He booked a package with TravelTriangle which included his breakfast, dinner, hotel stay and local tours, all for Rs.11,500. Back from the break, this is what he has to say about his experience.

Traveling is the perfect stress buster and an apt excuse to enjoy time with family. That’s why I make it a point to travel twice a year with my wife and two sons. This time when my wife expressed her wish to go to Shirdi, the perfect opportunity of visiting Goa presented itself. The next thing to do was search for a suitable travel package to ensure a smooth vacation, which TravelTriangle took care of pretty well.

Day 1 – Good to go to Goa!

Wife and kids at Colva beach

After the much-anticipated visit to Shirdi, it was time for some real fun. From Shirdi we left for Goa in train and faced frequent halts on the way. But the frustration of getting delayed got covered up when our train coincidently halted right at the serene Dudhsagar Falls. Luckily, not only did we get a close view of the falls but got to feel its faint showers falling on our train’s compartment.

Kids enjoying swimming at the beach

After a tiring three-hour train delay, we reached Goa and straightaway checked in at the hotel provided to us. The hotel, Colva Kianra, is one of the best hotels around the Colva Beach, with a swimming pool facility and a very hospitable staff. Since our hotel was at a mere 5-minute walking distance from the Colva beach, we spent much of our time on the beach (the kids just could not get enough of swimming). Another thing that the kids enjoyed the most, was jet skiing on the waters of Arabian Sea.

Goa Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

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Day 2 – A Bus, a Boat and a lot of Beach-ing

A view of Jimmy Kardeka's Bungalow from the boat

The next day we went on a bus tour to North Goa which covers all the major attractions of the city. It first took us for Dolphin spotting at Sinquerim beach, alongside Fort Aguada. On the way, we passed the beautiful seascapes and saw Jimmy Kardeka’s (diamond merchant) famous Bungalow where Haseena Maan Jayegi was shot. Further on the way, we got to see the famous Central Jail of Goa where we caught a glimpse of the inside of the prison through its barred windows. After reaching Sinquerim beach, our boat stopped and the guide pointed out a few dolphins frolicking about in the water.

During the boat tour to Dolphin Spotting

Back to our starting point of the boat tour, we resumed our journey in the bus which took us around all the major beaches. From Cocoa beach to Anjuna beach to Vagator beach— the difference in the flow of the waves was noticeable since each beach had its own unique appeal. After a lunch break, we visited the Calangute and Baga beach. Since there were too many beaches to visit and too less time, we dedicated 20-30 minutes to each beach. After a day full of energy, we went on a night cruise at the Mandovi River, where we all reveled in the dance and DJ night.

Day 3- A Spicy treat

Spice Plantation

After spending a day at various beaches, we explored the rest of the city, the next day. We started off by visiting the Aguada Fort, followed by Spice Plantation. Though there was nothing much to explore at the fort, Spice Plantation turned out to be a surprise. At Rs.400/- per person, we availed a fully guided tour of the place along with lunch.

Old Goa Church

The scent of spices was in the air and the beauty of the place provided the perfect food for pictures. The Mandovi river running parallel to the site was enhancing its picturesque quality. The whole tour took around 4 hours and we left the place with the scent of spices fresh in the senses. We ended the day with a guided tour to old Goa church, where the famous mummy is laid to rest.

Planning your holiday in Goa but confused about what to do? These Goa travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

Day 4 – Rise and Shine!

Sunrise at Colva Beach

The next morning was supposed to be the last day of the trip. In order to experience the sunrise at the beach, we all woke up early and took to the beach. Jogging along with the sun rising on one side and the coconut trees swaying on the other will be a memory to cherish. After a refreshing breakfast, we concluded our stay at the hotel with a rejuvenating spa at the Phulwari Spa and were then transferred to the airport in the afternoon.

Breakfast at Sagar Kinara restaurant

High Point: Spice Plantation offered a perfect blend of the informative and the fun, making it suitable for the kids.

Low Point: The Aguada Fort occupied unnecessary time

Tips for future travelers: While the North side of Goa is more happening, South Goa is a preferable place to be for families.

So you thought Goa is not the place to be with family? Booking a trip to Goa will make you think otherwise, book NOW!

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7 Bullets Narrating Our Tales Of Ladakh

The first few minutes of the halt and the silences were violated by strange noises. We tried to ignore them until they grew increasingly violent. While we still held our grounds, a loud shriek echoed through the valley. It was Aditya — struck by an intense stomach ache with his tongue and eyes turning red. Cold shivers ran down our spine. Senses were numbed. Time, stopped.

It was just a random discussion which had made us college buddies realize that the Mecca of all road trips was yet to be lived — trip to the mighty Himalayas. What made the idea more challenging was the fact that the trip was about to be self-funded. A bold step for college-going guys, but with the internships and other part time jobs in the background, the idea which had now become more of a dream, was all set to be fulfilled. The journey was kicked off from the heat of Delhi to the cool of our next stop Manali, which made us curl in warm blankets in the month of August! As the morning took over, the seven of us finally began the expedition on our Royal Enfields to the highest roads in the world.

Seven buddies posing in Ladakh

A start in the twilight, light drizzle and the sound of our bullets — we couldn’t have asked for better. Neither could we, in our wildest dreams have imagined, what the future had in store for us. Blissfully ignorant, we rode alongside the most thrilling panoramas and reached Rohtang pass, only to find the roads washed away due to the preceding incessant rains, leaving behind a rough pile of rocks. Yet the high altitude passes along the way were a constant refreshment and a perfect food for amazing clicks. Tempted by the reigning beauty of the landscapes, we halted at all but one — the Baralacha pass. The reason you ask? We didn’t believe it until we experienced it.

Initially,we thought of challenging the influence of the pass’ creepy reputation and prior warnings, but as we were running a little behind schedule we consented to the idea of skipping the pass. On arriving at the camping site, we unexpectedly ran into three other groups heading towards Leh, who joined us in the night’s revelries – the music, the dance and the bonfire. People unknown until last night were now travel buddies and with the never ending roads and enchanting views, the trip was far exceeding expectations.

Cherishing the company of friends

Braving the crossing rains and the fear of cloudbursts, we were making our way to Leh. Since our gang had grown considerably, we hired 3 more bikes and post 25 kms rocky ride, through the Hilltop that said, “highest motorable road in the world” — we reached Khardung La Pass. We had never realised the hype about the place until we experienced it first-hand. Lost in the fantastical views, our 2 hours stay at the place got immortalized by photography sessions and the maggi serving shack (read : café). We were now starting to rejoice the fact that we had exploited this opportunity to the fullest, conquering everything, until the Baralacha Pass came up in a discussion. In order to quench this adventure fetish, we decided to face Baralacha, on our way back.
Everything, was yet to be conquered.

Conquering Khardungla Top with friends

The oxygen levels were low and the weather was opposing our speed. Yet, we managed to continue our journey without a stop in spite of the danger of a sandstorm lurking on one side and possibility of cloudburst on the other but only until Baralacha pass.

So here we were again — the forlorn beauty that we had skipped earlier because of its reputation. Donning a brave face, we were determined on overcoming the hesitation. It were Aditya’s shrieks that shook us into action. We took off immediately, deciding not to stop before the next army base. On reaching the base, our friend in pain was not only given instant medical attention but was offered a ride on an army truck on its way to Manali, since he was in no condition to travel on a bike. With zero vision while crossing Rohtang Pass and rain in full flow, we were driving at around 20-25 kmph eager to reunite with Aditya. At Manali, we found him all fit and fine — bereft of any trace of the phantasmic experience.

Baralacha Pass, the forlorn beauty

As we continued our retreat journey, violent rains were setting into the quaint of serene roads. Heights were flaunting their victory over vicious depths. We were quiet and strangely satisfied, as though we had surpassed the greatest heights or the deepest lows. It was the murmur of our bikes, narrating our story.

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12 Barcelona Travel Tips You Would Need To Know The City Better

Barcelona is the Cosmopolitan Capital of the Spain’s Catalonia region. The place is quite famous for its art and architecture. The architecture here is really awe inspiring and some of the architecture is even quite ancient. So if you are someone who is interested in art, then Barcelona has a lot to offer you. And for those who love partying, Barcelona has some of the most happening nightclubs that you can visit. Apart from these, the beaches here are quite stunning. You can spend hours there unwinding and relaxing. So make sure you pack your beach wear and carry a lot of sunscreens! These are the most popular destinations that you can visit in Barcelona. But apart from these there are many locations situated in the interiors of the city and some around the city which you should not miss out on.

Kudos on choosing one of the most popular and beautiful vacation destinations, Barcelona! So you have completed the difficult task of choosing a destination for your holiday. But what next? If you are confused about how to plan your entire trip to Barcelona and what things to keep in mind, then the list compiled by us will serve the purpose. We present some of the tips that you should keep in mind while travelling to Barcelona.

1. Booking Tickets

Bus view

Barcelona is a popular tourist destination. Hence the tickets get booked quite fast. So what you have to do is, plan your trip well in advance, choose dates wisely and then book tickets as soon as possible. This is about the flight tickets. But you should even try to book tickets for certain tourist sites in advance if it is feasible. Amusement parks are something where you can book the ticket in advance. So try to take advantage of that and book your tickets so that you don’t miss out on any of the wonderful things that Barcelona has to offer you.

Most of the touristy locations at Barcelona do provide the facility of booking your tickets online. So all you have to do id book the tickets online and go collect the tickets from the site and skip the line. This makes it very time efficient and no time is wasted by standing in long queues.

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2. Language Book

Language Book

Barcelona has two languages that are spoken. One is Spanish and the other Catalan. Though both languages roughly sound similar but they have different roots. If you are going to Barcelona it is a good idea that you carry a language book that is usually available in book stores. This will come in quite handy if you are in need of help and want to ask something. The book is your pass that will enable you to interact with the locals and make new friends. Now days there are many apps that also offer translation facility. So make sure you explore all the options you have.

3. Don’t rush

Don't rush

The city Barcelona is very charming. And you have a lot of places to explore. But don’t rush into things. Spend some time at the locations that you are visiting. It is practically impossible for you to fit in a lot of touristy sites. And hence do not try to do that. You will not be able to enjoy any place to the fullest. So try to make the most of where you are. Remember then line Quality over Quantity. Make this your motto for your Barcelona Visit.

4. Explore outside Barcelona

Lake view

There are a lot of things to do in Barcelona. But the areas around Barcelona are also equally good and worth visiting. So plan your trip in such way that you include the places that are near Barcelona in your itinerary. If you drive on the coast you will get to the stunning Costa Brava. And if you are in a mood for hiking, you can even go to Montserrat.

5. Use Metro


The city is very well connected with the metro. And it can be said as the easiest way to commute in Barcelona. The metro even offers a ten trip pass that you can purchase and use. It is economical as well as quite comfortable. But one thing that you have to keep in mind is that certain parts of the metro do shut down after midnight. So plan your trips according to the timings.

6. Do not forget the beach

beach view

Barcelona is an architectural marvel. There are so many stunning architecture centered touristy site that the beach is often sidelined. But make sure that you do make a trip to the beautiful beach that Barcelona has to offer you. Do not make it a rushed trip. Spend some time at the serene beaches and relax. There are many beaches is Barcelona that you can visit. But some of them are quite popular and are hence often crowded. So make sure you choose a beach accordingly.

7. Explore but avoid eating at Las Ramblas

 Las Ramblas

The Las Ramblas is the most popular and the most visited streets of Barcelona. But the restaurants that are here are not the best options to eat good food in Barcelona. You should avoid it at all costs. The simple reason behind this is that the food they serve here is insanely overpriced. And the price you pay for the food does not match the quality at all. If you are spending a bomb on food you expect it to be of certain quality. But that is not the case here. Hence it is a good idea to skip eating here and choose some other place. One thing that will help you to tell whether the restaurant is good are not is the presence of locals inside the restaurants. If you find there are no locals at a eating place, it is in your best interest that you skip the place.

8. Don’t opt for HOHO

Don't opt for HOHO

The hop on hop off tourist bus may sound like a good deal. You get to visit a lot of places in one bus. But mind you, it is not! The first and foremost thing is that the tickets for the bus are quite expensive. Secondly you hardly get to spend any time at the locations. Also the traffic of Barcelona is maddening. So opting for a hop on hop off is not a nice idea.

9. Bargain at the shops

shop view

Bargaining is absolutely normal in Barcelona. So whenever you visit a shop, do not forget to bargain for a product. And in most cases you are going to get a good deal for a product.

10. Keep your personal belongings safely

Lady walking

owing to the popularity of Barcelona it is given that the touristy locations and sites are going to be crowded. And it is at such crowded places that you are going to find pick pockets and purse snatchers. So you have to be extra careful with your belongings when you visit a famous destination like La Rambla. Take special care of your expensive phones and cameras.

Know about the tipping: while in some countries tipping is considered mandatory but here at Barcelona it is not. Most of the time you will not be expected to pay a tip for the service. But even if you want to leave a tip, the amount need not be big.

11. Avoid the taxis from airport

taxi view

Travelling to and fro from airport via a taxi can cost you a lot of money. A good way of saving the money is using the Aero bus service that the airport provides. A bus comes in every five minutes so you don’t even have to wait for a long time. This is the most convenient and budget friendly way of commuting from and to the airport.

12. Adjust like a local

local people

if you want to enjoy Barcelona to the fullest, try to blend in like the local. Eat the kind of cuisine they eat, and eat around the time when they eat. Doing so will give you a much better experience of the city and will help you in understanding the city in a much better way.

A vacation should be hassle free. And for that hassle free vacation, you should be aware about the things you should be doing and things you should not be doing while you are somewhere. And often it is quite difficult to know those things in advance. Hence this list is your holy grail and do not forget to keep the list handy while you are travelling to Barcelona.

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Things To Do On A 5 Days Romantic Trip To Ladakh

Ladakh had always enthralled Lokpal and his better half. So when the time was right, this nature and adventure loving couple booked themselves a 4 night 5 days Ladakh tour package. Here’s the full account of their romantic trip to Ladakh where they witnessed its grandeur with their own eyes.

Trip Type: Romantic
Duration: 4 Nights 5 Days
Trip Cost: INR 28,500/-
Agent Name: Kailash Expeditions
Inclusions: Breakfast & Dinner, Transfers (Airport & Local), Accommodation
Exclusions: Lunch and Entry Tickets

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: lokpal in ladakh

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: views of himayalas

Travel means a lot to me. It gives me immense pleasure, mental satisfaction, and peace. It’s always the top priority for me when one is talking about leisure and relaxation.

Being an avid wanderer and a fun loving guy, I love to travel to offbeat locations and indulge in adventures. I prefer to explore places that have an abundance of nature rather than historical monuments and temples.

Ladakh has always been on my bucket list for the amount of adventure and natural splendour it offers. The things to do in Ladakh like bike riding, river rafting, exploring frozen lakes, camel riding over sand dunes, ATV riding, and more such stuff have always intrigued me.

So when the time was right, I decided to embark on a trip to Ladakh with my best travel companion – my wife! I had come across Travel Triangle many times through Facebook Advertisements so I downloaded the TravelTriangle app on PlayStore and sent in a trip query. When I got numerous quotes from different travel agents, I sat down to compare and closed the deal with Kailash Expeditions as they offered me exactly what I wanted.

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: scenic views of hills

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: scenic views

Day 1 | 27th September 2017: Aerial Views of Ladakh And Shanti Stupa

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: statue of buddha in shanti stupa

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: shanti stupa in leh

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: monastery in leh

After enjoying marvelous aerial views of Ladakh from our flight, we landed at the Leh Airport and were greeted by the agent’s representative who escorted us to our hotel – Hotel Nature’s Land. It is a beautiful hotel to stay in with tremendous hospitality. The food was also good and everything was as planned and specified to us while booking.

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: posing

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: views from stupa

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: leh

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: thiksey monastery

After a delicious lunch, we took a short excursion to the Shanti Stupa which was a mesmerising experience. The view of the city of Leh from the top of this sanctum was breathtaking. The rest of the day was at leisure so we simply took some rest in our room.

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Day 2 | 28th September, 2017: Camel Riding on The Cold Nubra Desert

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: camel riding

After an early breakfast, we proceeded to the Hunder Village. We drove to the Nubra Valley
through the mighty Khardung- La, the world’s highest motorable road at an altitude of 18,380 ft above sea level.

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: nubra valley

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: hundar campsite

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: bactrian camel

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: nubra cold desert

Here, we encountered snowfall and we discovered the true meaning of ‘Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya‘! We checked into our campsite – Nature’s Nest Camps and spent some time gazing in awe at the beautiful views from here. In the evening, we enjoyed camel riding on the beautiful sand dunes of Nubra Valley.

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: nubra scenic views

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: nubra hills

This is the only place in the world where Bactrian (Double humped) camels can be found. Everyone must surely indulge in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Day 3 | 29th September, 2017: River Rafting & ATV Ride

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh with wife

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: lokpal's wife with ladakh kids

We again had an early breakfast and proceeded for the return journey to Leh via the same route (that is, the Khardung-La pass). What a hectic and adventurous day it was! ATV Riding over the sands at Diskit was truly an exhilarating experience that all travelers need to come to Ladakh for.

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: atv ride

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: lokpal at khardungla top

As per the itinerary of our romantic trip to Ladakh, we proceeded to the point of the Indus- Zanskar confluence where we tried river rafting in the Zanskar River till Sangam, an unbeatably adrenaline fueling experience!

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: war memorial

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: lokpal and wife at khardungla

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: lokpal at magnetic hill

Next, we found ourselves drifting towards the Magnetic Hill after we had parked our car at the designated point for the illusion to take effect! Though not as charming as other experiences on our trip to Ladakh, it gave us a tingling, eerie feeling like no other. Later, we visited the Hall of Fame which is a remarkable place on NH-01 at around 5 km from Leh. It was built in the memory of the 1999 Kargil War Victory and martyrdom and surely instilled a sense of calm inside us.

Day 4 | 30th September, 2017: The Striking Blue Waters Of Pangong Tso

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: riding bike in ladakh

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: bike ride in ladakh

After a hearty breakfast served at the hotel, we started our journey to Pangong Tso sharp at 7 AM. The 168 km journey took us around 6 hours to cover and we went through the Chang-La Pass, the second highest motorable pass in the world at an altitude of 17,688 ft above sea level.

Lokpal romantic trip to Ladakh: sitting near Pangong tso lake

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: standing near changla pass

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: changla pass

The first glimpse of the tranquil, azure blue waters and shaky lakeshores of Pangong Tso are still etched in my mind as if I had visited them yesterday. Such is the power of this place! The beauty of this lake made me realise that booking this 5 days romantic trip to Ladakh was perhaps the best decision of my life!

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: beautiful pangong lake

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: lokpal and wife at pangong

The lake came as a great relief after driving on those back-breaking, pathetic roads leading to Pangong Tso from Leh.

Day 5 | 31st September: Departure With Sweet Memories!

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: bidding goodbye

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: snowy hills

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: hall of fame

Our friendly driver-cum guide drove us to the airport in the morning and we boarded our flight for Delhi post bidding this beautiful city goodbye. We returned home with sweet memories of the trip and a yearning to scale those landscapes again someday!

From riding ATV scooters, rafting in tough rivers, to gazing at the picture-perfect environs of Pangong Tso Lake, this truly was a cherishable romantic trip to Ladakh that we would love to experience again!

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: lokpal and his wife in ladakh

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: zanskar river

Our WOW Moments on the trip:

  • The aerial views of the Himalayan range
  • The snowfall at Khardungla top
  • The beautiful view of Nubra Valley
  • Bactrian Camel Riding at the beautiful sand dunes surrounded by the Siachen Glacier
  • ATV ride
  • River Rafting at Sangam, world’s highest rafting point
  • Bullet riding in the rough terrains of Himalayas
  • The views of the Pangong Lake

What We Missed Out On: My dream was to travel around Ladakh on my motorcycle

Tips for future travelers:

  • The roads of Ladakh are in a very bad condition, so make arrangements accordingly
  • Book your trip to Ladakh with TravelTriangle but make sure you always stay updated on the progress of the trip plan and maintain constant communication with the TravelTriangle team, other than your agent

Yearning to craft your own tale of adventure and romance in those Instagrammable landscapes of Ladakh? Take inspiration from this adventure-packed journey and book your romantic trip to Ladakh with TravelTriangle right away!

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Backwaters In Goa? You Heard That Right! Amit’s Unusual Goa Experience Is A Must Read For All

Amit and Pooja travel in search for an enthusiastic and vibrant destination after marriage. Goa as always, never disappoints! Read their refreshing account of a romantic trip to Goa that will have you making sand castles in your dreams. Their trip cost them a total of INR 35,500 which included their meals, accommodation, and transfers.

My wife and I were looking for a dose of youthful exuberance. What better place to provide it than a short trip to Goa. My brother-in-law suggested me to try booking a package from TravelTriangle.

They provided a lucrative option of customizing the package according to your needs. I found my work to be far more easier as I will get access to a marketplace of multiple agents providing me with competitive prices.

Amit and his wife in Goa

I submitted a query on the TravelTriangle website and was soon contacted by a travel representative from the company. He understood my needs and further connected me to various travel agents. I received multiple quotes from different agents, out of which I selected the best quote given to me by ‘Trip Sailer’.

It was time to pack my slippers, shades and floral shirts. For it was time to relax and bask in Goa.

Day 1: Flying into Goa

Luxurious resort in Goa

We boarded our flight from Bangalore at 6 am and arrived in Goa by 8 am. Upon our arrival, the taxi from the agency was present to receive and take us to the hotel. We checked into The Lalit Hotel at around 11 am.

We were dazzled upon entering the hotel as the property was massive and luxurious. We decided to rest for a few hours and then have lunch. Around 3 pm, we decided to take a walk to the reserved beach area for the hotel.

Lush green scenery in Goa

Amit and his wife exploring Goa

In the evening, we decided to visit a small temple that was near the hotel. At 8 pm, we decided to go to a restaurant nearby for some drinks and dinner. The ambiance and music at the place was really upbeat and made us feel relaxed. We came back to the room at 11pm and rested for the night.

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Day 2: Beach + Pool + Good Food = A treat for a tired soul

Amit relaxing in the pool

We woke up early morning at 5.30 am to take a walk to the beach. The weather and view at the time of sunrise was simply amazing. Barely a soul in sight, barely any noise except the waves hitting the coast.

After a few hours, we returned back to the hotel and had a lovely meal. Post breakfast, we thought of relaxing in the gorgeous looking hotel pool. From noon to 3 pm, we relaxed in the water next to which there was a bar and snacks counter.

Enjoying a drink by the pool

All in all, it was heavenly. Felt like we were being rewarded for our good deeds. In the evening, we decided to again to take a stroll to the beach. The day ended on a perfect note with a light and tasty dinner.

Day 3: Street shopping frenzy and a visit to Palolem

A pic with perfect timing

Post breakfast, we decided to visit Palolem beach. A relatively less crowded beach from the many that exist in Goa which often draw criticism for being too crowded or sometimes even dirty. South Goa is definitely a place for people who are looking for peace and tranquility in an otherwise booming party capital of the country.

After lunch, we decided to book a Goa backwaters tour on our own. The tour was scenic and majestic as it made us feel close to nature. Cruising in a boat through the lesser known parts of Goa was memorable. The tour ended in 2 hours and after that I decided to go on a street shopping frenzy.

Luxurious beach in Goa

After having our wallets turned inside out, (quite literally!) around 4 pm, we returned back to the hotel tired and hungry. We spent the rest of the evening in the hotel chilling out, and enjoying our last night in Goa.

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Day 4 : Back home with a recharged mind

Gardens at The Lalit, Goa

We got up next morning, to have one quick final dip in the water. We came back to the hotel, and checked out at 11am. We left the hotel at noon and reached the airport via taxi for our flight which was to fly at 4 pm.

I am of the belief that married people should often keep doing things that keeps them young at heart. Visiting Goa with my lovely wife and letting ourselves go wild and free again gave us a much needed boost for our lives ahead. All said and done about overcrowdedness, Goa is still a destination that begs to be visited.

Goa boat ride

High Points :

  • Everything about the hotel was fantastic- the food, pool, bar, service, and the room.
  • Spending time at Palolem beach was really enjoyable.

Tips to Travelers :

  • Family travelers should definitely check out resorts in South Goa for a more peaceful time.

The everlasting charm of Goa beckons. Enjoy a romantic holiday amidst nature and ocean! Book your package now!

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Bridge Of Sighs: Take A Romantic Gondola Ride To This Enchanting Place In Venice

Venice has various canals, and consequently, it isn’t extraordinary that there are innumerable of unique bridges. The Bridge of Sighs, though, is apparently-together with the Rialto- the well-renowned bridge in the city, and conceivably even the most wonderful as well. If you are planning to visit Venice or have already reached here, must make it sure to once have a look at the beauty of bridge of sighs, this is not just a bridge it is fantastically designed to give its viewers an eye warming experience. We have discussed below the complete details about its history, places from where to view it to have the most decent look and bridge of sighs entrance fee and much more that will guide you once you reach there.

Bridge Of Sighs History

La Ponte dei Sospiri, as it’s so elegantly described in Italian, was crafted in 1600 by Antonio Contin (he also designed one of Venice’s another top sight – the Rialto Bridge). This unique Bridge of Sighs Venice is a small distance from the St. Mark’s Square and joins the Prigione Nuovo (new prison) with the Doge Palace. This former jail is in actual the earliest construction in the globe that was individually created to attend as a prison. The Bridge of Sighs used as a medium of transfer for prisoners to the offices of inquisitor where they kept on trial.
It was granted this title because, as per the tradition, the defendants sighed when they were watching the external world for the last time by a small windowpane on the bridge. Whether this is accurate, isn’t recognized for certain, though as it states in Italian, “Se non è vero, è ben trovato”.

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Bridge View

Here are some interesting facts to enlighten you about this marvelous bridge in the northern part of Italy. You may show off this trivia knowledge on your tour to other visitors and thank us later:

  • You surely are not aware of the fact that there are more than 100 canals and 400 bridges in Venice.
  • A local Venetian myth recommends that admired ones will always linger together while kissing each other during the evening at the time of riding in a gondola below the Bridge of Sighs Venice.
  • The most prominent prisoner who made the pass ever to the new prison from the Doge’s Palace is none different than Casanova. This traditionally modeled ‘player’ was imprisoned in the year 1755 for expanding an “anti-religious opinion” which was a significant issue in the holy city. 15-months later, though, he maintained to escape.
  • This is not one of its kind in the world. There is one another in New York, Cambridge, and Oxford.
  • Whether you get endless love below this well-renowned bridge is not assured, though it is a fact that touring La Serenissima is not impeccable without looking at this magnificent bridge.
  • This fantastic bridge, hovering above the Rio Palazzo channel, is about 36 feet (11 meters) high and built of lovely white Istrian marble. If you view at this bridge closer, you see 20 mask heads.

Lets’ have a look at a few of the unmatched destinations that are overloaded with excellence and surprises near the Bridge of Sighs for the tourists arriving Venice from all around the world.

1. Arsenale


With all of these canals and islands, it’s no wonder that the naval power of Venice makes it feel proud. You can tour its ancient shipyard in the Castello region. The Arsenale addressed origin to the Venetian Republic galleys during its heyday at the time of Renaissance. The spot possesses showcases throughout the Biennale, but it’s yet meriting a tour during the entire year. Rehabilitation work is undertaken in several of the workshops and buildings of the massive walled stretch. The Naval History Museum is a must-visit for warships enthusiasts, though it also contains maps, gondolas, and weapons. They even possess a Bucintoro, a model of the Doge’s ceremonial barge.

2. St Mark’s Basilica

St Mark's Basilica View

The basilica marks the place of the Pentecost potpourri that looks in the original ARKANE book, Stone of Fire. View up, and you will notice the fire tongues getting down over the missionaries. The basilica also possesses the repository where you will get acquisition of reliquaries. They comprise the many saints’ bones. We’ve previously observed at quaint spiritual artifacts, but these repositories for holy relics are somewhat different. The treasury themselves are gorgeous, made of crystal and gold. It requires spending a little more to view, but it’s among the strangest places to visit near Bridge of Sighs Venice.

3. Libreria Acqua Alta

Beautiful place

If you are something like me, you can’t oppose a trip to a book store. But how would you manage as a bookshop keeper in a town placed on the water that usually floods? This remarkable Venetian shop ran on an elegant if unique solution. They store books, magazines, maps in waterproof bins or bathtubs. One room even flaunts a gondola as a stopgap shelf. In English, its name suggests ‘Library of High Water’. So each time the district canals flood, the amount of water rise above the normal waterline. Its flues have even been recognized to possess the occasional flue kit, strong enough to avoid the situation of flooding.

4. Torcello

Lake and bridge view

While we are on the matter of islands, you can discover more concerning the history of Venice on Torcello. The town was initially founded here in the seventh century, and some believe the Romans occupied it. In the twelfth century, a malaria outburst on Torcello viewed the nearby Rialto reimbursement eclipse the island as the core of the city of Venice. Its church harkens after to the Byzantine custom of the era while cathedrals on the island illustrate its myth.

You can approach it by using a boat to Burano, shifting to another ship once you reach there. The church and museum lie just at a walking distance of 10 minutes from the ship station. So you will have lots of time to appreciate its collapsing grace. It’s not broken, but it’s unquestionably off the battered course.

5. San Servolo Insane Asylum Museum

Insane Asylum Museum

A chain of little islands makes up the magnificent city of Venice. But a group of different islands in the lagoon persists evidence to both its craft heritage and its darker past. While Burano and Murano might pull the visitors enthusiastic to know about lace or glass making, the other islands provide far more surprising places to visit near Bridge of Sighs Venice. San Servolo is recognized as the “Island of the Mad”. Starting in the year 1725, it served as the official mental asylum of the city for about 250 years.

While serving as a hospital during its time of service, it admitted more than 200000 victims. It ended in the year 1978, but the government of Venice decided it needed to protect the history and the records of the hospital. They founded the Study of Social and Cultural Marginalization Institute and opened it again in its modern form in the year 2006.

Lake and boat view

There are four different ways in which you can see the Bridge of Sighin Venice, Italy:
If you are in a hurry, it’s finest to appreciate it from a distance. You only have 2-spots to see this extravagant bridge. The first is bustling and that is from the Bridge of Paglia (Ponte della Paglia). You arrive at this spot by moving to the right beside the Doge’s Palace. You cannot avoid this bridge as it is the primary bridge you confront.

The next (and prominent) site from where you can view it is likewise from another bridge: the Ponte della Canonica.
You can also stroll on the Bridge of Sighs when you tour the Doge’s Palace. You will not just trip the legendary palace, but further the jails, as well as the traditional bridge. You will then realize that it is separated into 2 narrow sections split by a wall in between. This was because the defendants arriving from both directions could nevermore observe each other.

Ultimately, you can experience a romantic Bridge of Sighs gondola ride through boat below the Bridge of Sighs Venice. Remark that this can be costly. Here is a summary of the ways by which you can view the beauty of the bridge.

Entrance Fee

For touring through a boat ride, you have to pay and Bridge of Sighs entrance fee for a gondola varies as per the choice of time you prefer to have it:

  • Daytime: You have to spend 80 euros for a 30 minutes ride. For every added 20 minutes you have to spend 40 euros more.
  • Evening: You need to spend 100 euros for a ride of 40 minutes and have to pay an additional 50 euros for each extra 20 minutes.
  • A shared gondola trip: As a cost-effective alternative it can also be adjusted if you don’t trouble to share your yacht with others. For every person, it costs 30 euros.

Popularity of Bridge Of Sighs

In case you were wondering what makes this piece of architecture a world-famous attraction, below is your answer. Read on to know more:

  • Ponte de Sospiri (The Bridge of Sighs), is in Venice, Italy, and joins the room of inquisitor towards the east of the Doge’s palace along with the prigioni over the Rio de Palazzo or prison of state.
  • Work on the residence of the Duke (Doge’s palace) or Palazzo Ducale was founded in the fourteenth century and took its contemporary shape just by the sixteenth century. The building was not just the residence of Doge’s and thus received the judge’s (inquisitor) office; it also possessed various other establishments like the Chancellery, lawyers offices, Naval Offices, etc.
  • The Bridge of Sighs beyond the Rio di Palazzo is one of the 100 or so canals and around 400 bridges that combine the town of Venice. Antonio Contino created it in the year 1600.
  • The bridge is turned out to be the pathway that is used to carry prisoners from the jail to the office of the judge. Its name derives from the traditional belief of grief and the sighs of convicted prisoners as they were taken through it to the hangman.
  • Though, it was only in the nineteenth century that it began to be described the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ after the famous reference of Lord Byron’s in his poetry Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage. When you visit the Bridge of Sighs, a prison, and a palace on each hand”.
  • In certainty, the days of torture and inquisitions were over as the bridge was constructed and only short-tenure criminals were retained in the prison units.
  • The jail is older than the Doge’s mansion and once was employed while the interrogation by the Church through the Middle Ages (when people were speculated of being non-believers or witches and tortured).

Italian Ponte Dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs) is located in Venice, Italy, crossing the narrow canal – Rio di Palazzo connecting the prisons and the Doge’s Palace. It is assumed to be built around 1600 by the Antonio Contino – a great architect. The surrounded path was so named of the “sighs” of the prisoners who moved through the bridge of sighs Venice. We have discussed all the interesting facts about the bridge and also the complete history and the mysteries that are residing in its past. The Bridge of sighs is a must visit place while having a trip to Venice. It is so magnificently built that once you have a look at it, you can’t even believe that it is human-made. Plan a trip to Italy and experience the beauty of this marvel architecture for yourself.

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10 Top Wedding Venues In Auckland For Making Your D-Day Extra Special!

The City of Sails, Auckland boasts of some of the most amazing natural landscapes. With the vast number of marinas and a beautiful countryside, this destination is one of the loveliest cities in New Zealand. This place attracts a lot of people from in and around New Zealand every year and what could be better than holding your wedding in this land of beauty.

There are some stunning wedding venues in Auckland that will definitely turn your wedding into a festival of love. They strive to make your weddings as beautiful and as unique as possible. All the wedding organizations will be taken care of in the best possible manner such that your wedding truly remains as your most beautiful memory. So, if you’re looking for a perfect destination, here’s a list of the 10 best wedding venues in Auckland where you can celebrate your wedding like you have always dreamt of.

Weddings in Auckland are as beautiful as they can be, especially when you arrange your D-day celebrations in one of these top locations. To make your search for wedding venues easier, here’s a list of the 10 best wedding venues in Auckland, where they turn weddings into a magnificent affair.

1. Karstens Auckland

Karstens Auckland

Karstens wedding venue in Auckland offers top class function and celebration space. They are considered as one of the top function venues in entire New Zealand, located just in the heart of Auckland. All the function rooms available in this place offer the most luxurious atmosphere fit for wedding ceremonies. The in-house gourmet catering paired with the highly diligent professionals, who go above and beyond to make your wedding most astounding one. With Karstens, you will never have to worry about any unwanted interruptions or any kind of last minute discrepancy. Located in a very convenient location, Karstens delivers the top quality services when it comes to an event as important as a wedding.

Location: Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand.

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2. Markovina Vineyard Estate

Markovina Vineyard Estate

If you are looking for vineyard wedding venues in Auckland, then Markovina is a great choice. This is one of the premium vineyard wedding venues in Auckland. Located in Kumeu region, this wedding destination is operated by a family and they try their best to create the most astounding and stunning weddings. Markovina Vineyards have 50 years of experience in organizing wedding ceremonies, so when you book your wedding with them, you can be assured that you have placed your trust I very capable hands.

Location: Kumeu, Auckland, New Zealand.

3. The Wharf

The Wharf

The Wharf is an exceptionally beautiful and unique venue to set your wedding in. Located in Northcote region, this lovely venue is surrounded by the glistening waters of the Waitemata Harbor and is lined by the beautiful native Pohutukawa trees. From this location, you can see the beautiful Auckland cityscape and the beautiful harbor, serving as a beautiful backdrop to highlight your celebration. The service at The Wharf is truly exceptional with highly skilled professional looking after all the arrangements. This venue is highly recommended by the people of Auckland and a truly exceptional place to exchange your vows.

Location: Northcote Point, Auckland, New Zealand.


4. Kauri Bay Boomrock

Kauri Bay Boomrock

If you are Beach wedding venues in Auckland, Kauri Bay Boomrock should be your first choice. With panoramic views of the Hauraki Gulf, Kauri Bay Boomrock is one of most exclusive wedding locations in Auckland. The team here, is totally dedicated to bring all your ideas of your dream wedding to reality. From the arrangement to menus to the management of transportation Kauri Bay Broomrock does it all. They even take care of the lodging of your guests and wedding photography sessions. At Kauri Bay Boomrock they make sure that in every way, your wedding turns to be the most affluent and magical moment of your life.

Location: Clevedon, Auckland, New Zealand.

5. Gracehill Vineyard Estate

Gracehill Vineyard Estate

Gracehill Vineyard is another popular vineyard wedding venue in Auckland. At Gracehill, there main aim is to turn your special day in to a fond memory for the future. With a beautiful private lake as well as manicured grounds, this place is one of the most premium wedding destinations in Auckland. They offer both summer and winter packages. This wedding venue is dedicated to make your wedding the most special one.

Location: Kumeu, Auckland, New Zealand.

6. Mantells on the Water

Mantells on the Water

If you are searching for byo wedding venues in Auckland, then Mantells on the Water is the perfect place for you. It is one of the best wedding locations that Auckland has to offer. This waterside venue offers the stunning views of Auckland Harbor Bridge. The pier located on the water is the perfect place for some nice wedding photography. The floating buffet adds a more fun to your wedding. The professionals at Mantells on the water are always set to make your wedding a stress free and beautiful affair. Booking your wedding at Mantells, you will leave with a lifetime of beautiful memories.

Location: Westhaven, Auckland, New Zealand.

7. Landsendt Wedding Venue

Landsendt Wedding Venue

Landsendt is one of the popular garden wedding venues in Auckland. This resort style wedding venue is situated at just a distance of 30 minutes from downtown Auckland. Located in the foothills of Waitakere Ranges, this private resort garden offers some stunning views of the Oratia Valley. Landsendt offers various wedding packages. Starting from transportation to lodging to all the arrangements of the wedding, Landsendt professional carry out everything in a skilled manner.

Location: Oratia, Auckland, New Zealand

8. Orakei Bay

Orakei Bay

Located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Orakei Bay is a plush retreat in Auckland. When it comes to wedding receptions, the professionals at Orakei Bay make sure that your celebration is carried on in an idyllic way, making it a success. The wedding planning team is diligently skilled to make your wedding memorable and unique. The culinary team also makes sure that your guests are provided with the most innovative cuisine.

Location: Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand.

9. Jonkers Farm

Jonkers Farm

Jonkers Farm is one of the most famous rustic and woodland wedding location. The place is only thirty minutes away from downtown Auckland and if you opt for a helicopter ride than it is just eight minutes away. Situated in the west coast of Bethells Beach, this place offers some magnificent views of Muriwai and Bethells Beach etc. Offering a vast, beautiful wilderness, Jonker’s Farm is truly an iconic site to hold your wedding. Jonkers Farm offers you the best rustic wedding experience, bringing your dreams to reality.

Location: Waitakere, Auckland, New Zealand.

10. The Kelliher Estate by Dawsons

The Kelliher Estate by Dawsons

Located in Puketutu Island, the Kelliher Estate is a very elegant location for the most special occasion of your life. His beautiful wedding location was once a beautiful Spanish homestead, which is now converted into a wedding venue. This scenic destination is the perfect location for wedding celebrations. This highly desired wedding venue Auckland offers various packages for weddings and the staff and wedding team are highly skilled to make your wedding the most beautiful day of your life.

Location: Managere, Auckland, New Zealand.

Auckland has so many stunning wedding venues that you’ll be ecstatic to know that you can hold your wedding in one of these beautiful locations. So, what’s stopping you? Take a trip to New Zealand with TravelTriangle, pick a date and go explore the most gorgeous venue for your D-day.

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Fulfilling My Childhood Dream With A Trip To The Amazing Ladakh

Vishal Sharma talks about his trip to Ladakh that he took with his wife. Citing it as his childhood dream, he elaborates on his experience in Ladakh and tells us why it the BEST trip he ever had. He took his package to Ladakh from TravelTriangle and it included their hotels, transport, and sightseeing – all for a cost of INR 45,000. Let us hear his exciting tale of adventure!

I count my life not by the number of days lived but by the number of places visited. So when my wife and I decided to finally fulfill my childhood dream of visiting Ladakh, we were more than excited for our adventure in the north.

Beauty of the Pangong Lake in Ladakh

However to fulfill this exciting dream of mine, my wife and I needed a suitable package for Ladakh that would take care of all our travel arrangements. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me about and I soon filled in my details.

True to their service, I was contacted by their travel representatives who after taking in my requirments connected me to relevant local agents of the place for best packages, customization, and quotes.

Thus, having chosen the best holiday package to Ladakh, we were now all set for our adventure!

Day 1: Experiencing the grandeur of Leh – Ladakh

View of the beautiful town of Leh

We boarded our flight to Leh from Delhi at 6:50 AM in the morning and reached around 8:30 AM. Upon landing, we were taken aback by the huge mountains and magnificent sceneries that surrounded the airport. I immediately knew this was going to be a special experience and the chilly breeze that sent us shivering down our spines just confirmed it.

Awestruck by the amazing beauty all around, we soon found our driver and boarded our cab to the hotel. Our hotel in Leh was really nice and after check in, we explored the grand property for a while.

Since this was our first day in Leh, we were asked to acclimatize so as to prevent any mountain sickness. Hence we did not go anywhere special but explored the local market and stayed in our rooms for the rest of the time.

Also, during entire stay, we found the people of Ladakh to be really helpful, courteous and happy. This was a surprise for us considering how difficult it is to live in such tough conditions.

“The happy people represented the spirit of Ladakh!”

Day 2: Sightseeing in Ladakh – Visiting Army Museum, Magnetic Hills, Gurudwara, & Alchi Monastery

Birds of Leh

This was a day planned for sightseeing in Leh / Ladakh and I was really excited. We left early morning after breakfast and our first stop was the ‘Hall of Fame’, an army museum with guns and images of the martyrs. This was a profound experience for us since we realized the gravity of danger when it comes to border security.

Talking about gravity, our next stop was a place that appeared to defy it – the ‘Magnetic Hill’. This hill was an interesting experience for us since it created an illusion of going uphill when we were actually going down.

Hills in Leh

Next stop was ‘Gurudwara Pathar Sahib’ and this was followed by the famous ‘Alchi Monastery’ which was quite an old one. We saw an apple tree there and it was laden with fruits. Seeing something like this grow in such climate truly left a sense of wonder in us.

Later on our way back to the hotel, we stopped by a Sangam (place where two rivers meet) and spent some time there. This was a peaceful experience for us and the two rivers that met each other were Zanskar and Indus.

Ladakh was truly magical and we were so far living each moment with it!

Day 3: Traveling the highest motorable road in the world & Quadbiking

Vishal on top of a pillar in Khardungla Pass

I got up all buzzing with excitement this morning for my wife and I were to visit the highest motorable road in the world today. Post breakfast, our cab driver came to pick us up and we set off for the tour.

Going on the highest motorable road in the world was an adventurous experience for us since it got us breathless and excited at the same time. This was the point where we realized how difficult it was and felt the treacherous vibe of the mountains.

However we soon adjusted to the ‘even higher’ altitude and the rest of the experience went fine.

Statue at Diskit Monastery

Later on we stopped by to have some tea in the area and then proceeded for a sandbike ride in Diskit. The quad bike ride was really enjoyable post which, we went for a visit to the famous monastery there.

Our next stop was Hunder where we did an enjoyable camel ride in its sand dunes.
Also worth mentioning is the amazing lunch that we had in Hunder which consisted of cheese Maggie and delicious Thukpa.

Vishal and his wife on a quad bike in Ladakh

Finally, we reached the beautiful Nubra Valley and checked into the amazing Swiss Camps that were to be our home for the night. Staying at these camps surrounded by nature was a beautiful experience!

Day 4: Relaxing in Leh

Vishal and his wife in Ladakh

This day we were supposed to go back to Leh and on our way, we again passed by the Khardung la, one of the highest motorable roads in the world and as God would have it – it started to snow.

Ecstatic at witnessing snow first hand, we soaked in the bliss of nature and loved watching everything go white.

Vishals wife surrounded by snow in Khardungla Pass

We finally reached Leh and were happy to be back in the lovely smiling town that greeted everyone warmly.

Post our check in at the hotel, we again went out to explore the market and this time did some shopping and treated ourselves to delicacies of a German Bakery.

Day 5: The amazing Pangong Valley

Vishal at the Pangong lake

Post our breakfast this morning, we left for the famous Pangong Valley. On our way, we passed by Chang la and it was covered in snow. At about 40 km from Pangong, the snow began to melt and the beautiful valleys started turning green ad blue.

Pangong was the most beautiful place that I had ever seen and everything here looked fresh and vibrant. We were surrounded by clear waters and greenery all around and it was simply amazing to be in the lap of nature!

Vishals wife at the Pangong lake in Ladakh

We stayed at a cottage in Pangong and had the best time there. In the evening, I sat in the balcony of my cottage, sipped on some tea, read a book, and saw the most mesmerizing sunset EVER!

It was a bliss!

Next morning, I woke up early at 5:15 AM and even saw the magnificent sunrise.

Day 6: Shey Palace and Leh

Berautiful Pangong Lake in Ladakh

Post sunrise, we had an early breakfast and then left for Leh. On our way, some 15 km from our destination, we visited the Shey Palace. It was a beautiful experience and was followed by a visit to the Shey Monastery and the school we saw in the ‘3 Idiots Movie’.

Post this, we continued our journey and saw a lot of bikers and cyclists on the way. It was a beautiful and unique experience to see everyone enjoying the natural ambience of the mountains and we felt really happy seeing everyone having fun.

Upon our arrival in Leh, we again did some shopping and snacking post which we went back to our hotel and called it a night.

Day 7: Bidding farewell to the mountains

Sunflower in Ladakh

This was our last day and after having breakfast, we checked out from the hotel and proceeded for the airport, soaking in the goodness of Leh, one last time.

Ladakh turned out to be an out of the world experience for us. And although, I have been to many countries, nothing can be compared to the beauty we witnessed in Ladakh.

High Points:

  • When I was on top of the Khardungla top and Pangong Lake
  • The trip was value for money

Low Point: The driver and cab could have been better but no major complaints

Tip for future travelers: Everyone who wants to witness nature in its most pristine form should visit Ladakh

Feel the vibe of the mountains on an adventure in Ladakh Spend a vacation in the lap of nature and you will never wish to go back! Book your package to amazing Ladakh now!