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Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery: All You Need To Know About This Divine Place!

The ‘Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery’ in Singapore, otherwise called the Bright Hill Pujue Chan Monastery, is a Buddhist sanctuary situated in ‘Bishan’, Singapore. It was built in the mid-twentieth century, by Zhuan Dao, to spread Buddhism. The monastery also gives sanctuary to priests. This religious group is the largest Buddhist sanctuary in Singapore. Built between 1920 and 1921, the plot for the monastery was donated by one ‘Tay Woo Seng’, a Chinese businessman. The plot was on Thomson Road. Of all the traditional Chinese forest monasteries to be built in Singapore, Kong Meng is the first.

At first, the monastery was known as Phor Kark See. But since it is situated at ‘Kong Meng San’, which roughly means “Bright Hill”, also formerly known as “Hai Nan Mountain”, the monastery was later renamed to ‘Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery’. Originally, the monastery was a two-story building, which of those consisted a shrine room, living quarters, and a visitors’ room. However, over time, through collected funds, and with donations by humanitarians like ‘Aw Boon Haw’, and ‘Aw Boon Par’, the monastery was gradually expanded. And then, when Hong Choo became the monastery’s abbot in 1947, the complex expanded exponentially.

From two shrine halls, the Pagoda became capable enough to accommodate 10,000 Buddhas. One single prayer hall became as large as ten football fields combined. With this, Kark See became the most peaceful, largest, and the most majestic place for the practice of Buddhism in the whole of Singapore.

About Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery

The monastery has, since the first day, attracted a number of devotees. All along, donations have been pouring in from various sources. Using these funds, the monastery has always been developing. However, the biggest donation was made by the He Hui Zhong family, on behalf of their company, in 1980. They donated a sum of $5.3 million, with which the monastery began the construction of Evergreen Bright Hill Home. The home was opened in 1983.
The monastery introduced the Compassion Fund, on 15th January 2002. This fund was presented to those retrenched workers, who did not come under any kind of aid schemes. The last draw for this scheme was up to $2,500 per individual.

Kwang Sheng succeeded Hong Choon to be the abbot on 5th June 2004 and is still serving the monastery. Under his leadership, extensive steps were taken for the propagation of the Buddha dharma. He, along with his followers, set up the Dharma Propagation Division, which taught Buddhism and the ways of practicing it. For the youth of Singapore, the youth ministry called the KMSPKS Youth was set up to provide the youth with a platform to learn about Buddhism. This further let the youth in serving society through Buddhist teachings.

On 13th September 2006, the monastery opened the ‘Buddhist College of Singapore’, the country’s first Buddhist College. The college presents a bachelor’s degree in Buddhism; a four years degree and there are a number of courses at ‘Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery’. The monastery has always been compassionate towards the destitute. Since the day of its conception in 1920, the monastery has seen a lot of development; older buildings have been modified, while newer additions are still being made. Newer practices have also started.

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Essential Information About The Monastery

Here is what is known about the ‘Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery’ opening hours. While activities are going on at all times within the monastery, outsiders, and visitors are not allowed in the campus at all times. On all the days of the week, visitors are allowed between 6 AM to 9 PM. However, on Saturdays, the hours have been shortened to 9 AM till 4 PM.

Address: 88 Bright Hill Road, Singapore, 574117
Location: Bishan, Singapore.
Founder: Zhuang Dao

The entry to the monastery is free, and visitors are to enter through Gates 1 and 3.
While there is no definite dress code for entering the monastery premises, it is advisable to wear clothes that cover your knees and elbows. It shows respect to the traditions. Also, be particular about removing your footwear at the given places. Do not enter where you are not asked to. Keep your voices down, and be sensitive while clicking photographs. It is always nice to ask for permission before clicking any; you will find a monk or two nearby at all times.

So, if you visit the monastery at the present day, you will be welcomed by a number of buildings and activities, which may not be in some earlier commentary. Take a look for what all you can do here!

1. The Religious Constructions and The Crematorium

The Religious Constructions and The Crematorium

When you visit a place like this, i.e. a place of religious importance, you will be presented with a number of buildings, which have a variety of purposes to serve. You will find places to sit and rest in housing quarters, etc. But the most important ones are the religious buildings, where all the religious work gets done. And a trip of this particular monastery would be incomplete without a visit to the Stupas, the elaborate praying halls, the bell and drum tower, or even the dharma hall. The monastery has a very well kept crematorium. Alongside, there is a columbarium that houses more than 2,00,000 niches. It is here that you will realize the love and respect, people here have for their departed.

2. Avalokitesvara and The Hong Choo Memorial Hall

Avalokitesvara and The Hong Choo Memorial Hall

Here is a statue that stands as a testament to the position that compassion holds among the Buddhists. Right between the Dharma Hall and the Pagoda, you will find a beautifully designed and detailed statue of Avalokitesvara. For your knowledge, Avalokitesvara is a Boddhisatva that is supposed to stand for compassion among human. You must definitely visit the Hong Choo memorial hall that was erected in 2004. It is a remembrance of the foremost abbot of the monastery. Under him, the monastery gained footage and saw extensive development. At Hong-Choo, you’ll additionally get the possibility to look at and take pictures of the Bodhisattva sculpture that stands between the temple of ten thousand Buddha’s and Dharma Hall.

3. The Bodhi Tree

The Bodhi Tree

You must also go sit under the sacred Bodhi Tree. You will be blessed. Nonetheless, you will feel peace and tranquility. This tree has a significant history of its own. The sapling of this tree is a sapling from the Bodhi tree at Anuradhapura, in Sri Lanka. The tree at Anuradhapura is, in turn, is a sapling from the sacred ‘Bodhi Tree’ of ‘Bodh Gaya’, in India, under which Shakyamuni Buddha was known to have attained enlightenment. This monastery will serve you with the chance to look at the most important Buddha bronze statue in Asia. Do not miss out on a glimpse of one of Asia’s largest Buddha statues. It can be found in the Hall of No Form. The statue weighs 55 tons and is 13.8 meters tall. While you are here, also go take a look at the multistoried college building, and the impressive 4 storey car park with 200 parking spaces.

4. Buddhist Culture

Buddhist Culture

Religious leaders and students are offered to teach guests regarding the monastery. This monastery is that the best destination if you would like to find out regarding and observe Buddhist cultures and beliefs. From this monastery, you furthermore may have an honest probability of understanding the various beliefs that conjure the life and times of Indians and Buddhist. In present-day Buddhist still practices rituals throughout special occasions. This can provide you with the chance to find out the various rituals undertaken by the leaders once practicing healing prayers.
Once here, you will really feel the peace creep into you. You will be relieved of all worldly worries once you are in one of these buildings. It is hard to define the tranquility, and the realization of peace one feels in the monastery. It is something one feels only when they are present.


While prayers and ceremonies go on all around the year in the monastery, the monastery holds a few special events annually, or at specific times. Here are a few events and practices that the monastery is meant to host in the coming times. Most of these activities will be made a regular affair once they are started so that you have a chance to experience the peace when you are there next. The kind, that the activity is of, has been listed along with:

  • Shui Lu Grand Prayer. (prayer, Dharma; a ceremony to cleanse all sentient beings of their sufferings.)
  • Relaxation and Mindfulness Meditation. (join Kwang Sheng to learn meditation techniques that lend you extreme peace and relaxation)
  • Eight Percepts (details unavailable)
  • Shui Lu Meal Offerings. (meal offerings to the Buddha and Sangha, ceremony)
  • 108 Bell Resonance. (Welcome 2019 with the 108 deep resonances of the bell)
  • Chinese Buddhism Course, 2019. (Buddhism course in Chinese, to be started in 2019)
  • 2019 Saturday Parent Dharma Class. (Learn ways to incorporate Buddhist techniques in daily life for harmony and peace)

How To Reach The Monastery

Transportation is quite advanced these days. It is fairly easy to get to the ‘Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Temple’. From any major transit station in Singapore, you will either find a bus or underground transport to the monastery.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Singapore for a soothing experience in this divine place and have an amazing holiday with your loved ones like never before! Are you ready for it yet? Make sure you pack a few extra clothes as a city like Singapore can surely change your mind and who knows if you end up extending your fun packed vacay?

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Goa Was A Delight For This New Family! It Was The Perfect Gift Their Little One Could Have Asked For

A getaway for all ages, a resort for all groups, and a vacation for all travelers. Goa is like an extra large umbrella that accommodates everyone under the sun. Read Chirag’s charming account of his family trip to Goa that was a first with his cute little daughter. Their trip cost them a total of INR 15,000 which included their transfers, accommodation, sightseeing, and breakfast.

I hadn’t been to Goa before and life couldn’t be busy enough to stop me from planning a family trip to Goa. After browsing the internet for Goa family packages, I landed on the TravelTriangle website. I found their way of letting clients customize their own travel itinerary as a unique attraction. I submitted a query on their website and got a call back from their representative.

Chirag and his family on Calangute beach

Uday understood the requirements of my trip and connected me to various agents providing me with multiple offers for the same trip. I selected the best package provided to me by ‘Shoes On Loose’ agency. Just like that, my family and I were ready with our bags packed to enjoy a short getaway on the magical beaches of Goa.

Day 1: The adventure begins

Enjoy the open waters in Goa

We boarded our evening flight from New Delhi and arrived at the airport in Goa at 9 pm. The excitement of our first trip to Goa was visible on our faces. We were like kids in a candy store who, for the time being, found a purpose to life. Afterward, we rested for the night as the next day for us was filled with adventure.

Day 2: Beach hopping in North Goa

A fantastic view of the coastline in Goa

The next morning we had breakfast and got ready for exploring the beaches in North Goa. The shared cab came to pick us at 9 and so with that we began our North India Tour with a bang.

The majority of our time spent in Goa that day went into covering all the beaches that North Goa has to offer. As the craze of Goa was setting in, I was surprised by witnessing that beaches of Goa, despite it being the most popular destination, has a good opportunity for travelers to capture great memories.

We visited Anjuna, Vagator, Sinquerim, and Candolim Beaches in North Goa. Our hotel was situated on the Calangute beach, which coincidentally is the most cheapest and cleanest and in Northern Ireland sale in the world. After spending the entire day hopping across beaches, we returned back to the hotel at 6 pm and called it a night.

Day 3: Colorful and cultural Goa Tour

Enjoying the cultural perforamance

The next day, post breakfast, we departed in our cab for the South Goa Tour. The journey in Southern Goa is supposed to be more religious and liberal than the others. The tour started at 9.30 am with the visits to local and nearby temples.

First up, we visited the famous Shanta Durga Temple, followed by which we covered the Mangleshwar Temple. Later on, we moved towards the visiting of Churches like Se Cathedral and Basilica of Bom Jesus. We were amazed to see how Goa is thriving as a state, despite being so diversely rich in religion and race.

Enjoying the glimmering lights on cruise

Post lunch, we returned back to the hotel and got ready for the cruise. A thing that was on the top of my to-do in list Goa- do a boat cruise off the coast of India. The cab came to pick us up and we boarded at 5 pm. As the boat cruise waited to fill its capacity of 300 people, the guest who had arrived were treated to fine entertainment and cultural shows. At 9 pm, the boat cruise got over and we headed back to the hotel for the night.

Day 4: Goa! Until we meet again..

A cute mother-daughter picture

On the final day of our family trip to Goa, our flight was departing at 9 pm. So, we checked out of the hotel at 11 am and left our bags there and headed to Mall de Goa in Panaji. Although I’m not a big fan of shopping, but since most of the ladies simply love it, you gotta take part in it.

At 5pm, we picked our bags from the hotel and headed to the airport only to be faced by an indefinite delay of our flight. Even the gods wanted to us to enjoy a little more in Goa. The flight finally departed at 1 am, much to our relief.

High Points:

  • The management of boat cruise on such a large scale was commendable

Low Points:

  • The beds in the rooms were shorter than their usual size.

Tips for travelers:

  • Food for vegetarians can be really expensive so come prepared.

Witness the beautiful landscape of Goa! To enjoy a memorable holiday amidst a rich cultural melting pot! Book your package to Goa now!

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10 Best Hostels In Belgium Which Are Perfect Retreat For The Budget Backpackers!

Heading to Belgium for a holiday? A great choice! In fact, a lot of people around the world are flocking to this small European country to explore the hidden gems of the country. The castles, chateaux, the scenery, and the roads are simply mind-blowing. Taking a tour of this city is definitely in the bucket list of a lot of travel lovers. Here is the reality check. Travel to Belgium isn’t cheap. With the beauty, comes with the price. So you should set the budget for your travel accordingly. Since it is in the European Union, some of the best hotels are there in Belgium. But, they do charge exorbitant process for a night’s stay. Therefore, we have brought you some of the best and cheapest stays in Belgium.

And yes, these stays are the best places to meet and socialize, enjoy the nights spent in the city of the best-brewed beer and with a rich history. They are the backpackers’ hostels. Though they are a bit expensive for a backpacker hostel but you can expect the best service at your disposal. Be prepared to see the neatest, here are the 10 best hostels you can spend your nights in Belgium.

1. Sleep Well Youth Hostels

Sleep Well Youth Hostels

They are located in the central location of Belgium. You can easily go and visit spots like Market Garden Place, Botanical Gardens etc. It is in an ideal location and you also get a complimentary breakfast. Of course, just like other hostels, you also get the privilege of free Wi-Fi. You get maximum comfort for the price you pay. It is located in the heart of Brussels. And the best part is you have various options. You have dorm beds, private twin or triple rooms with some basic amenities. You also have a private toilet and the best part is that the building is wheelchair friendly. You have various things to keep you occupied like a bar, board games, books etc. Here is some basic info which might be of some help to you:

Location: Rue du Damier 23, Brussels 1000, Belgium
Tariff: INR 3186 per night

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2. Sleephere


Another safe and budget hostel in Brussels, Belgium. Sleephere is a calm and safe place to spend a night in Brussels. The guesthouse or the hostel is not like a typical hippie hostel. The whole stay is at the home, which gives great home vibes. This place is right in the middle of a historic city center. You get easy access to public transport from here. Also, since this is a home, the maximum number of people who stay in here are not more than 16 people. The owners take care of the guests very well and they also go out of their way to help their guests. They will hand you everything you need. You have the option of opting for a dorm room whom you can share with four or five people. Or else you can take private rooms too. Here is some basic info which might be of some help to you

Location: Jardin Botanique – 31 chaussée de Haecht 1210 Brussels, Belgium

3. Snuffel Hostel

Snuffel Hostel

This place is an affordable hostel which is especially for students and backpackers. It is in Bruges, Belgium. It has a convenient network to the popular places in the city. You have a shared kitchen, a library area, laundry facilities, a terrace area. You have dorm rooms, twin private rooms also. This place is reliable and you can check more about the hostel online. Here is some basic info which might be of some help to you:

Location: Ezelstraat 42

4. Antwerp Hostels

Antwerp Hostels

A great hostel for solo travelers, this is a fun backpackers hostel in Antwerp, Belgium. This is a bit far from the city but is a great place to stay in a hostel. This gives you a more authentic experience of the city. Also, this hostel has kitchen facilities and a hammock garden. There are many other perks of this hostel. You have private rooms and as well as dorm rooms to choose from. This is a great affordable option for travelers. Here is some basic info which might be of some help to you.

Location: Kattenberg 110

5. Leuven City Hostel

Leuven City Hostel

Targeted mostly for students and budget travelers, this city hostel is perfect for them. The best part is it is located in the middle of town and is situated in Leuven, Belgium. This hostel gives a lot of home vibes. You have a kitchen and other amenities. Here is some basic info which might be of some help to you:

Location: Ravenstraat 37

6. Jacques Brel Youth Hostel

Jacques Brel Youth Hostel

This hostel has a buffet restaurant, a terrace, free Wi-Fi access. Also, you have a drinks bar with a big breakfast in the morning. You have a games room, a snack bar, and luggage storage room too. You can get some more quick info here. Here is some basic info which might be of some help to you:

Location: Rue de la Sablonnière, 30
Tariff: INR 3500 per night

7. HI De Draecke Gent

HI De Draecke Gent

This is another great hostel if you are stationed at Gent, Belgium. This is quite ideal for students, budget travelers, and backpackers. This hostel is close to the Castle of Counts in Gent, Belgium. It is a lively and a huge hostel with thirty rooms. A very safe and comfortable hostel. Here is some basic info which might be of some help to you.

Location: Sint-Widostraat 11

8. Brussels Hello Hostel

Brussels Hello Hostel

A great hostel which is also a social tourism accommodation center. The rooms are at a reasonable cost and it has a truly international atmosphere. This is truly a fun place to stay. You have many facilities like the breakfast buffet, kitchen, free Wi-Fi. It is in the heart of the chocolate area and is close to Godiva factory. Here is some basic info which might be of some help to you:

Location: Rue de l’Armistice 1
Tariff: INR 1323 per night

9. Boomerang Hostel

Boomerang Hostel

This is a fun, funky and relaxed place to stay while you visit Antwerp, Belgium. You can walk for 5- 10 minutes to reach the city center. Also, friendly staff and great ambiance are the plus points here. The amenities here are basic but comfy. Here is some basic info which might be of some help to you:

Location: Lange Leemstraat 95, 2018
Tariff: INR 1277 per night

10. Treck Hostel

Treck Hostel

Treck Hostel is situated only a mile away from the Ghent center. You can access the hostel via public transport. Also, you can see Bruges, Antwerp, and Brussels from this place easily. You have the regular basic amenities as usual. Here is some basic info which might be of some help to you.

Location: Groendreef 51
Tariff: INR 1517 per room

Thus, these are the best hostels where you can stay in Belgium without spending a moofah. These hostels are equipped with all the basic amenities and offer a view along with a comfortable stay. So, when you plan your holiday to Europe make sure to do a prior booking at one of these hostels while planning a tour to Belgium.

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Exploring The Beauty Of Himalayas On An Adventure Trip To Ladakh

To keep the wheel spinning, Sathya needed an adventure that would lift their spirits and rejuvenate them completely. Therefore, he went on an adventure trip to Ladakh with his friends and what transpired afterward was absolutely breathtaking.

Just like any normal working adult, every now and then, my daily routine would feel a bit dull and cumbersome. To escape that feeling of monotony, I often packed my bags on a weekend and travel to a new place where I enjoyed being the company of a new culture, people, and destination.

For a few years, my friends and I wanted to plan a big and memorable vacation together. Ladakh had been on our bucket list for long and things finally aligned perfectly for us to go on an adventure trip to Ladakh.

river stream in manali

sightseeing in sarchu

valley in jammu

I got familiarized with TravelTriangle while I was researching on Google about Ladakh tour packages. They offered me packages with the itinerary I was hoping for at very competitive prices. It felt reassuring that I could choose one amongst multiple itineraries offered by various travel agents.

Trip Cost: INR 1,50,500
Trip Duration: 7 nights 8 days
Agent Name: The Roomie
Inclusions: Return bus tickets – Delhi to Manali, accommodation, transfers, sightseeing, meals, and taxes
Exclusions: Flights, lunch, and entry fee charges

After winding up the booking formalities, my friends and I started reading blogs about Ladakh on TravelTriangle for some useful information. I knew a few people who had been to Ladakh, and they gave us some crucial advice that came in handy for our adventure trip to Ladakh.

Upon their recommendation, we didn’t take a direct flight to Leh and opted for a multi stop journey via Delhi, Manali, and Sarchu so that our bodies could adapt to the massive change in altitude. Our trip began with a flight to Delhi and immediately following that with an overnight bus journey to Manali.

Day 1: A fascinating multi-stop journey via Manali and Sarchu

After a tiring 14-hour bus journey, we arrived in Manali at 8 am. We caught up with the driver who was assigned to us for our adventure trip to Ladakh. Without much delay, we started on our journey to Sarchu.

On the way to Sarchu, we stopped at Rohtang Pass which was completely covered with snow. Seeing the clouds pass below our eye line was definitely an amazing experience we wanted to kick start our adventures. The road journey was so beautiful that we couldn’t help but stop the car at a couple of places to capture the mind-blowing landscape.

In the evening, we finally arrived in Sarchu and checked into the Himalayan Camp. That day. we couldn’t walk around much in Sarchu due to the low oxygen levels and the trouble we faced breathing. Living at an altitude of 14,070 ft. was definitely something that took time getting used to.

friends vacation in ladakh

accommodation in manali

enroute sarchu

leh manali highway

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Day 2: Exploring the heart of the Ladakh region

The next morning, we started our journey from Sarchu to Ladakh. The journey was adventurous since the roads weren’t too smooth and we had to cross a few places that had water going in full flow across the road. As expected, we came across a lot of bikers and cyclists who were also on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure trip to Ladakh.

We stopped at the small village of Pang for lunch and refreshments. From Pang onwards, the roads were better and our journey got easier. The next stop for us was the daunting Lachulung La that stood at over 16,000 ft. We quickly clicked some pictures, admired the view, and moved on towards Leh. We started feeling light-headed and dizzy a few moments after we left from Lachulung La.

Around 5 pm we reached Leh and checked into the Hotel Gongma. After a warm welcome from the hotel staff, we decided to rest in our rooms for the evening and get some much-needed rest for our weary bodies.

nakeela pass

rough terrain in sarchu

mountains in sarchu

mountains near sarchu

Day 3: Gorgeous sightseeing in Leh

Thankfully, we woke up the next morning sans a headache and fully rested for a day of sightseeing on our adventure trip to Ladakh.

We began with a visit to the Shanti Stupa– a famous Buddhist temple and some shopping in the local markets. In the afternoon, we went to the Magnetic hill where we saw the unique occurrence of cars and objects going uphill on its own. We finished our sightseeing with a trip to the Gurdwara Pathar Sahib temple.

Afterwards, we returned to the hotel for the evening for a delicious meal and a good night’s sleep

valley in ladakh

stupa in leh

snowfall in leh

roads in leh

camels in ladakh

Day 4: Passing by Khardung La – the highest motorable road in the world!

The next day we checked out from Leh and moved towards Nubra valley. During our journey, we stopped for a while at Khardungla pass- the highest motorable road in the world! At 17,500 ft., we witnessed a rocky mountain pass that was fully covered by snow.

Later on, we moved from the steep and arid mountain ranges of Ladakh to the cold desert of Nubra valley. We were amazed by seeing the stark transformation of the landscape on our adventure trip to Ladakh.

In Nubra, we checked into the Double Humped Camps and proceeded for camel ride and archery. Afterward, we returned to the campsite in the evening as the sun set on yet another amazing few days of travel.

nubra valley camel ride

nubra valley desert

river stream in ladakh

camel ride in ladakh

Day 5: The beautiful Pangong lake – worth the journey!

This morning we departed from Nubra Valley to the city of Leh. Thanks to the traffic and it being a government holiday, it took us a few hours extra to arrive into Leh.

We checked in at around 12 pm, freshened up, and started our journey to Pangong Tso Lake. The journey might have been long and never-ending but after getting a first glimpse of the lake, we fell in love with it. We fondly stayed there for more than an hour taking in the gorgeous view.

Some of my friends also got their pictures clicked on the famous scooter in the movie 3 Idiots. Later, we returned to the hotel in the evening to get some much-needed sleep for the day.

lakes in ladakh

pangong lake ladakh

lakes in ladakh

places to visit in ladakh

Day 6 & 7: Unwinding in Leh

This was a leisure day on our adventure trip to Ladakh. We woke up early morning to see the sunrise by sitting on banks of the lake. We played again in the water and started our journey to Leh. We stayed in the same hotel in Leh

On the seventh day, we checked out from leh and traveled back to Sarchu. We didn’t stop anywhere as we were so tired and asked our driver to take us directly to the hotel. At night, there were a few health concerns as a few of my friends suffered from vomiting and breathing issues at the camp.

friends trip to leh

enroute leh

mountain range in ladakh

heading back to sarchu

landscape in ladakh

Day 8: A small bump in the road back home

The last day of the trip was a bit of a roller coaster ride. We checked out of Sarchu and began our journey to Manali.

We didn’t face any problem during the whole trip, but, on the final day our car tire got punctured and luckily we had a spare. Thankfully, we reached Manali in time at 4 pm for us to board our bus back to New Delhi.

After coming back from this adventure trip to Ladakh, I found myself enjoying things I earlier took for granted. Traveling to awesome places like Ladakh definitely helped me add a perspective of what was truly worth cherishing ie my friends and the trust we have amongst ourselves.

As far as Ladakh was concerned, I couldn’t get enough of that place. It’s a kind of a destination where you could come 4-5 times and still be amazed by the beauty and stunning landscape.

taglangla pass

sightseeing in ladakh

snow capped peaks in ladakh

places to visit in ladakh

High point:

  • That incredible sense of achievement after reaching Pangong Lake.

Low point:

  • Health concerns on the penultimate day added a blip to an otherwise harmonious vacation.

A vacation filled with adventure is all you need. Book your Ladakh tour package and experience the thrill of visiting Leh-Ladakh!

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How To Turn A Friends’ Trip To Ladakh Into An Adventurous Affair

Ninad had yearned to witness those overpowering landscapes of Ladakh ever since he had seen them on the internet. When he finally had the chance, he roped in 2 friends, booked a 7 nights 8 days Ladakh tour package, and set off to make memories! Read the full account of his fun-filled escapade.

Trip Duration: 7 Nights 8 Days
Trip Cost: INR 71,900/-
Agent Name: Kailash Expeditions
Inclusions: Airport Transfers, Accommodation, Breakfast & Dinner, Sightseeing, Watersports
Exclusions: Flights, Entry Tickets, Lunch & Dinner, Adventure Activities

ninad magnetic hill bike ride

ninad at monastery in ladakh

ninad ladakh bridge bike ride

ninad with military personnel in ladakh

ninad at rancho school in ladakh

ninad ladakh views from flight

For me, travel is mostly about discovering new places and meeting new people. Each destination has something unique to teach about the world we are a part of! I like to visit places that entice me as long as the important factors are being met – availability of flights, budget, and whether my work is permitting me to travel or not. For me, travel is not just about visiting new cities and countries, but also exploring every bit of my home town Goa. I usually travel with my family, but also like to escape to a destination with my gang once in a while. I am currently planning a trip to Madikeri in Coorg with my family in the coming Diwali vacations.

Though I don’t have a lengthy bucket list, Ladakh was one place I had always wanted to visit since the moment I had seen its pictures. In fact, my yearning was such that I had decided to go solo had my friends backed out of the plan. Luckily they didn’t, and that made my trip all the more memorable!

After a successful and joyous trip to Thailand with TravelTriangle, I knew I didn’t have to go anywhere else looking for a Ladakh travel package. So I sent in a query and was checking away quotes sent by different travelers within hours. I closed the deal with Kailash Expeditions since they offered me everything I wanted to experience on my trip at the best price.

Once the payment had been made and the bags had been packed, I and my 2 friends set out on a scintillating journey to the cold, yet picturesque landscapes of Ladakh. Upon reaching, we hired Royal Enfields and set about taming the tough trails and landscapes of Ladakh.

ninad friend before ladakh landscapes

ninad ladakh trip views from flight

ninad ladakh magnetic hil

ninad at magnetic hill in ladakh

ninad riding bike in ladakh

ninad at drass war memorial in ladakh

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Day 1: Arrival in Leh via flight from Delhi | Day at leisure to acclimatize to Ladakh’s climate
Day 2: Hall of Fame | Dras War Memorial | Indus – Zanskar confluence point | Alchi Gompa & Lamayuru Monastery | Magnetic Hill | Gurudwara Pathar Sahib | Return to hotel in Leh
Day 3: Ride to Nubra Valley via Khardung La – the highest motorable road in the world | Enjoyed snow near Khardung La bottom | Diskit Monastery | Camel Safari in Nubra Valley | Overnight stay in tents at Hundar
Day 4: ATV ride at Sand Dune Leisure Park in Nubra | Saw Hot Water Springs in Panamik | Back to hotel in Leh for overnight stay
Day 5: Ride to Pangong via Changla Pass | Saw cute Himalayan Marmot | Reached Pangong Lake by late afternoon | Overnight stay in camps near Pangong
Day 6: Enjoyed early-morning scenic views of Pangong Lake | Return journey from Pangong via Changla Pass | Shey Palace | Thiksey Monastery | Spituk Monastery | Overnight stay at hotel in Leh
Day 7: Leisure Day | Shopping in the market in Changspa, Leh – bought apricots (INR 200/-) and customised tee shirts | Lunch at World Garden Cafe | Overnight stay at hotel in Leh
Day 8: Flight to Srinagar | Visited Dal Lake | Flight back to Goa

Out of all the things I did on my holiday in Ladakh, there were a select few that I simply fell in love with. I would recommend travelers to not miss out on the following activities and experiences in Ladakh, especially on an all-boys-trip like mine!

Engage in a fun ATV ride in Nubra

ninad with friends in ladakh

ninad at nubra valley with friends

ninad posing on two atv bikes

ninad riding atv bikes in ladakh

ninad riding atv bikes in nubra

ninad tents in ladakh in nubra

The ride cost us a total of INR 1,000/- for a distance of 2 km, while the original price was INR 1,200/-. One should definitely bargain a little if they wish to indulge in this activity. But no matter what you pay, the thrill you’ll experience while riding the tough deserts of Nubra on this quad bike is worth it all! It’s a must for all adventure seekers and even kids who visit Ladakh, considering it’s highly enjoyable as well as easy.

Ride a camel across the picture-perfect deserts of Nubra

ninad riding bicycle with a local in ladakh

ninad lying on desert in nubra

ninad riding camel in nubra

ninad with camels in ladakh

ninad scenic views ladakh

ninad at chang la in ladakh

ninad meets a marmot in ladakh

It’s a sin to compare a camel safari experience in Nubra with that of, say, Rajasthan and Gujarat. It’s a completely different experience in the deserts of Nubra, right down to the type of camels you’d encounter to the scenic views of the desert and beyond that your eyes will be treated to! Riding the bushy, double humped Bactrian camels on a friends trip to Ladakh amid the stunning landscapes of Nubra Valley with its unending expanse of barren deserts and bordered by poster-like bare mountains is nothing less than nirvana. We paid INR 250/- for a 15-minute camel safari. One must also check out the scenic apricot orchards while here.

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Play with snow at Khardung La

ninad bike trip to ladakh

ninad biking away in ladakh

ninad and friend outside hotel

ninad enjoying snow

ninad at khardung la

ninad views of ladakh road

ninad selfie road trip ladakh

Nothing can beat the joy of riding on the highest motorable road in the world at Khardung La. Add to it the 360 degree panoramic views of the snowy landscapes around and it will take your breath away! (Like, literally, if you stay here for too long!) Upon getting down from there on your way to Nubra, you’ll come across a beautiful area where you can take a halt and enjoy being in the knee deep snow. We stayed here for some time, clicked pictures, and though we didn’t exactly ‘play’ with snow, we saw the absolutely euphoric faces of people who did and that was enough to tell us how the experience must be!

Visit religious sanctums for their peaceful aura & gorgeous architecture

ninad and friend outside gurudwara

ninad near a monastery in ladakh

ninad near diskit monastery

ninad near monastery and huge Buddha statue

ninad at hemis monastery

ninad at spituk monastery

ninad at spituk monastery in ladakh

Though I am not a very religious person, the breathtaking architecture of the many monasteries and other religious sanctums in Ladakh compelled me to pay them a visit. I saw most of them from the outside, and that was enough to put me in a trance! On my 8 days friends trip to Ladakh, I visited the following religious shrines – Alchi Gompa, Lamayuru Monastery, Diskit Monastery, Thiksey Monastery, Spituk Monastery, and Gurudwara Pathar Sahib.

Dine at the World Garden Cafe

A plush little restaurant with a cosy ambiance on Changspa road, World Garden Cafe is a must visit on a holiday in Ladakh for every foodie. The cafe offers delicious food at affordable rates and deals in cuisines like Tibetan, Italian, and Israeli.

Gaze at the breathtaking early-morning panoramas of Pangong Lake

ninad ladakh trip scenic views

ninad on the way to pangong lake

ninad enjoying scenic views at pangong

ninad jumping at pangong lake

ninad and friend jumping near pangong lake

ninad posing at pangong lake

ninad and friend sitting near pangong lake

Pangong Lake is beautiful regardless of what time of the day it is, but it transforms into an absolutely stunning spectacle early in the morning. The experience of waking up to the heavenly panoramas of Pangong Lake gave us goosebumps! In fact, I feel that Pangong Lake can give the beaches of Goa a run for their money any day!

While on the beach, we encountered various local agents offering scooty rides for INR 30/- to let one have the ‘3 Idiots’ kind of experience! They even had arrangements for female travelers to dress up in Kereena’s wedding outfit from 3 Idiots and get pictures clicked while riding a scooty across the white expanse of Pangong. The entire scenario of people dressing up as ‘Kareena‘ and riding a scooty was rather amusing. Don’t forget to visit the vivid Rancho School on your way back to Leh from Nubra.

Tips & recommendations for travelers who visit Ladakh in the future

  • It is highly advisable to carry oxygen cylinders while going to Nubra, as the place is at a considerably high altitude with a scarcity of oxygen.
  • Do not stay at Khardung La top for more than 15 minutes, as a scarcity of oxygen can cause severe breathing problems.
  • Toilets are in a very bad condition all across Ladakh, so carry sufficient amount of toiletries.
  • The roads too are in a very bad shape throughout Ladakh, so drive/ride carefully. Also, patients with back problems are not advised to ride a bike in Ladakh as the consistently bumpy rides can cause severe problems later.
  • While booking tents/camps in Pangong and Hundar, make sure you book deluxe tents as they are way better than standard tents in keeping the cold away.
  • Do not underestimate the climate of Ladakh. Carry layers and layers of thermals to keep the biting cold at bay.
  • Carry rum too if you can (not kidding)! It’ll help phenomenally in keeping you warm. You can carry some from your home destination as rum in Ladakh can be as expensive as INR 700/-.
  • Don’t indulge in an ATV ride near Magnetic Hill, as the area is rough and rocky and you won’t enjoy the experience. Nubra Valley is best for ATV rides.
  • The Hot Water Springs in Panamik INR 30/- per person) are relatively unclean and not well maintained, so be careful when you tread in that water!
  • Himalayan Marmots have a strictly organic diet comprising of things like grass, berries, etc. It is not advised to feed them anything else as it triggers an addiction and eventually kills them when they don’t find the same.
  • Try opting for a group trip to Ladakh as it helps distribute the expenses and lets one conveniently enjoy Ladakh on a budget!
  • No network other than BSNL works in Ladakh as per what I figured. Also, WiFi connectivity is extremely poor throughout Ladakh. So make arrangements accordingly.
  • Book your package from Kailash Expeditions as they will help make your trip as comfortable and memorable as possible at the most affordable rates.

ninad posing in leh, ladakh

ninad riding bike across ladakh

ninad on a visit to war memorial

ninad at war museum in ladakh

ninad posing outside war memorial ladakh

ninad on a visit to drass war memorial in ladakh

Ladakh was more beautiful than I had ever imagined. Mere pictures can never completely capture it’s beauty. The desktop-wallpaper landscapes, breathtaking architecture, and friendly people make Ladakh an indispensable part of every traveler’s bucket list.

Our WOW Moments: Camel Safari & ATV Ride in Nubra | Pangong Lake | Snow at Khardung La | The vivid monasteries and shrines | The friendly, helpful locals | Encountering a marmot | The scenic beauty everywhere in Ladakh

Our Not So WOW Moments: Lack of maintenance and cleanliness at various places, especially toilets | The bad condition of roads | The poor quality of food at various places

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Love, Peace & Beauty: The Winter Wonderland Experience On Our Honeymoon Trip To Northeast

Our honeymoon trip to northeast was full of love, peace, and amazing experiences. On our most special trip, we wanted to visit the hills and the cities of Gangtok and Darjeeling proved to be perfect when we researched about them. So all that we needed was a good package and that too was taken care of by Travel triangle when we stumbled upon their website while searching for deals on Google.

TravelTriangle gave us a customized package that included everything that we wanted and was as per our budget. After getting multiple quotes for it from their various agents on board, we selected one and were now all sorted when it came to our honeymoon trip to northeast.

Trip Type: Honeymoon
Duration: 5 Nights 6 Days
Cost: INR 35500
Inclusions: Hotels (Breakfast), Transport (including private cab), Sightseeing, Parking, and GST
Exclusions: Lunch, Dinner, Entry Fee, Train Tickets, and Personal Expenses

Day 1: Arrival in Darjeeling

reached to Darjeeling

Upon our arrival at the NJP station in Siliguri in West Bengal, we were received by our driver cum guide for the trip. We soon boarded the cab and headed towards Darjeeling. It was a 70 km ride and it took us around 3 hours to reach. By the time, we checked into our hotel, it was almost night and post some dinner, we decided to call it a night. Overall, even though it was a bit tiring due to travel we enjoyed the day since we could witness the beautiful sceneries from the window of our car.

Day 2: A glorious sunset and some great sightseeing!

visiting to the tea gardens

sightseeing of the gardens

visited to the monastrey

visiting to the temple

visited to the ghoom monastrey


get the perfect view of the mountains

We got up early morning today to witness the sunrise from the Tiger Hill over Mt. Khangchendzongha and it was every bit specaturlar as they say. Later while we were returning to our hotel, we also visited the Ghoom Monastery and Batasia Loop. Both the places were nice additions to the day. Later in the day, we saw many more places like Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Tenzing Rock, and Tea Garden, Japanese Temple, and Ropeway. Overall, this was a good day for us and one one of the points that I particularly liked was that our driver was extremely helpful and understood us very well.

Day 3: The Kalimpong experience

with the scenic beauty of waterfall

the waterfall

spectacular beauty of the place

overview of the city

We visited another hill station today, Kalimpong and it was an okay experience for us. The drive to this place was scenic but apart from temples and a few other places, we found there was nothing much of interest there. I would recommend people who don’t like visiting temples to skip this one on your northeast trip. But yes, the place was beautiful nonetheless.

Day 4: The many wonders of Gangtok

enjoying the company of two of us

spent some time

beautiful view of the place

amazing view of the valley

enjoying the sunny weather

beautiful temple

view of the temple

Institute of Tibetology

at the Tibetology

beautiful view of the city

Today post breakfast at the hotel, we began our journey towards Gangtok. Upon reaching there and checking into our room, we proceeded for a half day city tour. We visited many places and these included Institute of Tibetology, Enchey Monastery, and Handicrafts centre among others. Later, we checked back into our hotel and enjoyed the rest of the evening enjoying the many facilities that the property offered.

Day 5: Tsomgo Lake and some late night adventure

on the way of Tsomgo Lake

<div></div> <div></div> <div></div>

freezed Tsomgo Lake

yak ride

enjoying the Gangtok visit in winter

fun experience

spectacular experience

had a fun experience

enjoyed the view

baba mandir

having fun on the tour

captured every moment of the trip

amazing view of the hills

breathtaking view

raom around the streets at night

experience the nightlife of the city

witness the nightlife of the city

We visited the Tsomgo Lake today and it was a spectacular experience. The lake was around 55 km away from Gangtok and it was a wonderful ride. Upon reaching there, we visited the famous Baba Mandir first and then enjoyed the views of the lake. The yak ride that we had there was also a really fun experience. Later back in Gangtok, we spent our last night roaming on the MG Road eating and having fun. This was a nice touch to our final day.

Day 6: Goodbye, Northeast!

This was our last day and post breakfast, we set out on the journey back to the airport to reach our home.

Overall our honeymoon trip to the northeast was a delightful affair. From the snowy mountains to the sightseeing to amazing moments that we spent together – everything was perfect. Travel triangle also played a great part in organizing our trip and their agents were well connected with us throughout.

Best Experiences

Lake Tsomgo experience, Darjeeling morning view, Rock garden, Ganesh tok, the greenery in Sikkim and Lovers point

Not So Great Experiences

Although Kalimpong was a great place, we feel it did not suit our palette. We could have swapped it for something else since there were only temples there.

The TravelTriangle Touch

Our experience with TravelTriangle was quite good and thanks to them, we could get our trip planned in an organized and budget friendly manner.

Safina and her husband loved their peaceful, romantic, and wondrous honeymoon trip to the northeast. If you too would want to plan the same with your loved one, then choose the best Northeast Package of your choice and let TravelTriangle build you a customized package.

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Rinchen Cafeteria, The World’s Highest, Is An Ultimate Saviour For The Adventurous Foodie In You!

For every adventure junkie, Ladakh is the topmost destination to be ticked-off from the bucket list. Isn’t it? From the scenic landscapes to the steep and rough trails, this region of India is a place straight out of a painted scenery. The name of Ladakh is synonymous to the adventurous road trip over the Khardungla Pass which is considered to be “highest motorable road in the world”. But apart from this can you imagine yourself sipping hot coffee sitting at a height of 18,360 feet above sea level?

Finding a cafe at this height might sound like a dream, but India is a country known as the land of the most unusual things. Amidst the picturesque landscapes of Ladakh lies the Rinchen Cafeteria which is a gem in its own way as it is the highest cafeteria in the world.

Rinchen Cafeteria

Maintained by the army officers, this cafe is named after Col. Chewang Rinchen who had a major role in the mission of seizing Pakistan occupied Kashmir. In the wilderness of the snow-covered landscapes, this cafe is truly a savior for the travelers who wish to hog down a plate of Maggi or momos along with a cup of hot coffee.

The architecture of the cafe might not be that appealing, but its walls reflect the simple lifestyle of Ladakh. Apart from this the interiors of the cafe showcase the discipline of the army life. And while you enter the cafe don’t miss out the chance to read the history of Maggi. Yes! you read that right.

And the height of incredibility doesn’t end here, because Ladakh also boasts the Hikkim Branch (world’s highest post office) and also the highest Axis Bank ATM in the world.

So, do you get that urge to capture the landscapes of Ladakh while enjoying your all-time favorite Maggi at this local cafeteria settled at the peak? If your heart says yes, then pack your bags and plan the most adventurous Ladakh trip with TravelTriangle!

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12 Barcelona Travel Tips You Would Need To Know The City Better

Barcelona is the Cosmopolitan Capital of the Spain’s Catalonia region. The place is quite famous for its art and architecture. The architecture here is really awe inspiring and some of the architecture is even quite ancient. So if you are someone who is interested in art, then Barcelona has a lot to offer you. And for those who love partying, Barcelona has some of the most happening nightclubs that you can visit. Apart from these, the beaches here are quite stunning. You can spend hours there unwinding and relaxing. So make sure you pack your beach wear and carry a lot of sunscreens! These are the most popular destinations that you can visit in Barcelona. But apart from these there are many locations situated in the interiors of the city and some around the city which you should not miss out on.

Kudos on choosing one of the most popular and beautiful vacation destinations, Barcelona! So you have completed the difficult task of choosing a destination for your holiday. But what next? If you are confused about how to plan your entire trip to Barcelona and what things to keep in mind, then the list compiled by us will serve the purpose. We present some of the tips that you should keep in mind while travelling to Barcelona.

1. Booking Tickets

Bus view

Barcelona is a popular tourist destination. Hence the tickets get booked quite fast. So what you have to do is, plan your trip well in advance, choose dates wisely and then book tickets as soon as possible. This is about the flight tickets. But you should even try to book tickets for certain tourist sites in advance if it is feasible. Amusement parks are something where you can book the ticket in advance. So try to take advantage of that and book your tickets so that you don’t miss out on any of the wonderful things that Barcelona has to offer you.

Most of the touristy locations at Barcelona do provide the facility of booking your tickets online. So all you have to do id book the tickets online and go collect the tickets from the site and skip the line. This makes it very time efficient and no time is wasted by standing in long queues.

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2. Language Book

Language Book

Barcelona has two languages that are spoken. One is Spanish and the other Catalan. Though both languages roughly sound similar but they have different roots. If you are going to Barcelona it is a good idea that you carry a language book that is usually available in book stores. This will come in quite handy if you are in need of help and want to ask something. The book is your pass that will enable you to interact with the locals and make new friends. Now days there are many apps that also offer translation facility. So make sure you explore all the options you have.

3. Don’t rush

Don't rush

The city Barcelona is very charming. And you have a lot of places to explore. But don’t rush into things. Spend some time at the locations that you are visiting. It is practically impossible for you to fit in a lot of touristy sites. And hence do not try to do that. You will not be able to enjoy any place to the fullest. So try to make the most of where you are. Remember then line Quality over Quantity. Make this your motto for your Barcelona Visit.

4. Explore outside Barcelona

Lake view

There are a lot of things to do in Barcelona. But the areas around Barcelona are also equally good and worth visiting. So plan your trip in such way that you include the places that are near Barcelona in your itinerary. If you drive on the coast you will get to the stunning Costa Brava. And if you are in a mood for hiking, you can even go to Montserrat.

5. Use Metro


The city is very well connected with the metro. And it can be said as the easiest way to commute in Barcelona. The metro even offers a ten trip pass that you can purchase and use. It is economical as well as quite comfortable. But one thing that you have to keep in mind is that certain parts of the metro do shut down after midnight. So plan your trips according to the timings.

6. Do not forget the beach

beach view

Barcelona is an architectural marvel. There are so many stunning architecture centered touristy site that the beach is often sidelined. But make sure that you do make a trip to the beautiful beach that Barcelona has to offer you. Do not make it a rushed trip. Spend some time at the serene beaches and relax. There are many beaches is Barcelona that you can visit. But some of them are quite popular and are hence often crowded. So make sure you choose a beach accordingly.

7. Explore but avoid eating at Las Ramblas

 Las Ramblas

The Las Ramblas is the most popular and the most visited streets of Barcelona. But the restaurants that are here are not the best options to eat good food in Barcelona. You should avoid it at all costs. The simple reason behind this is that the food they serve here is insanely overpriced. And the price you pay for the food does not match the quality at all. If you are spending a bomb on food you expect it to be of certain quality. But that is not the case here. Hence it is a good idea to skip eating here and choose some other place. One thing that will help you to tell whether the restaurant is good are not is the presence of locals inside the restaurants. If you find there are no locals at a eating place, it is in your best interest that you skip the place.

8. Don’t opt for HOHO

Don't opt for HOHO

The hop on hop off tourist bus may sound like a good deal. You get to visit a lot of places in one bus. But mind you, it is not! The first and foremost thing is that the tickets for the bus are quite expensive. Secondly you hardly get to spend any time at the locations. Also the traffic of Barcelona is maddening. So opting for a hop on hop off is not a nice idea.

9. Bargain at the shops

shop view

Bargaining is absolutely normal in Barcelona. So whenever you visit a shop, do not forget to bargain for a product. And in most cases you are going to get a good deal for a product.

10. Keep your personal belongings safely

Lady walking

owing to the popularity of Barcelona it is given that the touristy locations and sites are going to be crowded. And it is at such crowded places that you are going to find pick pockets and purse snatchers. So you have to be extra careful with your belongings when you visit a famous destination like La Rambla. Take special care of your expensive phones and cameras.

Know about the tipping: while in some countries tipping is considered mandatory but here at Barcelona it is not. Most of the time you will not be expected to pay a tip for the service. But even if you want to leave a tip, the amount need not be big.

11. Avoid the taxis from airport

taxi view

Travelling to and fro from airport via a taxi can cost you a lot of money. A good way of saving the money is using the Aero bus service that the airport provides. A bus comes in every five minutes so you don’t even have to wait for a long time. This is the most convenient and budget friendly way of commuting from and to the airport.

12. Adjust like a local

local people

if you want to enjoy Barcelona to the fullest, try to blend in like the local. Eat the kind of cuisine they eat, and eat around the time when they eat. Doing so will give you a much better experience of the city and will help you in understanding the city in a much better way.

A vacation should be hassle free. And for that hassle free vacation, you should be aware about the things you should be doing and things you should not be doing while you are somewhere. And often it is quite difficult to know those things in advance. Hence this list is your holy grail and do not forget to keep the list handy while you are travelling to Barcelona.

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Things To Do On A 5 Days Romantic Trip To Ladakh

Ladakh had always enthralled Lokpal and his better half. So when the time was right, this nature and adventure loving couple booked themselves a 4 night 5 days Ladakh tour package. Here’s the full account of their romantic trip to Ladakh where they witnessed its grandeur with their own eyes.

Trip Type: Romantic
Duration: 4 Nights 5 Days
Trip Cost: INR 28,500/-
Agent Name: Kailash Expeditions
Inclusions: Breakfast & Dinner, Transfers (Airport & Local), Accommodation
Exclusions: Lunch and Entry Tickets

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: lokpal in ladakh

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: views of himayalas

Travel means a lot to me. It gives me immense pleasure, mental satisfaction, and peace. It’s always the top priority for me when one is talking about leisure and relaxation.

Being an avid wanderer and a fun loving guy, I love to travel to offbeat locations and indulge in adventures. I prefer to explore places that have an abundance of nature rather than historical monuments and temples.

Ladakh has always been on my bucket list for the amount of adventure and natural splendour it offers. The things to do in Ladakh like bike riding, river rafting, exploring frozen lakes, camel riding over sand dunes, ATV riding, and more such stuff have always intrigued me.

So when the time was right, I decided to embark on a trip to Ladakh with my best travel companion – my wife! I had come across Travel Triangle many times through Facebook Advertisements so I downloaded the TravelTriangle app on PlayStore and sent in a trip query. When I got numerous quotes from different travel agents, I sat down to compare and closed the deal with Kailash Expeditions as they offered me exactly what I wanted.

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: scenic views of hills

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: scenic views

Day 1 | 27th September 2017: Aerial Views of Ladakh And Shanti Stupa

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: statue of buddha in shanti stupa

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: shanti stupa in leh

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: monastery in leh

After enjoying marvelous aerial views of Ladakh from our flight, we landed at the Leh Airport and were greeted by the agent’s representative who escorted us to our hotel – Hotel Nature’s Land. It is a beautiful hotel to stay in with tremendous hospitality. The food was also good and everything was as planned and specified to us while booking.

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: posing

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: views from stupa

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: leh

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: thiksey monastery

After a delicious lunch, we took a short excursion to the Shanti Stupa which was a mesmerising experience. The view of the city of Leh from the top of this sanctum was breathtaking. The rest of the day was at leisure so we simply took some rest in our room.

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Day 2 | 28th September, 2017: Camel Riding on The Cold Nubra Desert

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: camel riding

After an early breakfast, we proceeded to the Hunder Village. We drove to the Nubra Valley
through the mighty Khardung- La, the world’s highest motorable road at an altitude of 18,380 ft above sea level.

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: nubra valley

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: hundar campsite

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: bactrian camel

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: nubra cold desert

Here, we encountered snowfall and we discovered the true meaning of ‘Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya‘! We checked into our campsite – Nature’s Nest Camps and spent some time gazing in awe at the beautiful views from here. In the evening, we enjoyed camel riding on the beautiful sand dunes of Nubra Valley.

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: nubra scenic views

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: nubra hills

This is the only place in the world where Bactrian (Double humped) camels can be found. Everyone must surely indulge in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Day 3 | 29th September, 2017: River Rafting & ATV Ride

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh with wife

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: lokpal's wife with ladakh kids

We again had an early breakfast and proceeded for the return journey to Leh via the same route (that is, the Khardung-La pass). What a hectic and adventurous day it was! ATV Riding over the sands at Diskit was truly an exhilarating experience that all travelers need to come to Ladakh for.

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: atv ride

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: lokpal at khardungla top

As per the itinerary of our romantic trip to Ladakh, we proceeded to the point of the Indus- Zanskar confluence where we tried river rafting in the Zanskar River till Sangam, an unbeatably adrenaline fueling experience!

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: war memorial

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: lokpal and wife at khardungla

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: lokpal at magnetic hill

Next, we found ourselves drifting towards the Magnetic Hill after we had parked our car at the designated point for the illusion to take effect! Though not as charming as other experiences on our trip to Ladakh, it gave us a tingling, eerie feeling like no other. Later, we visited the Hall of Fame which is a remarkable place on NH-01 at around 5 km from Leh. It was built in the memory of the 1999 Kargil War Victory and martyrdom and surely instilled a sense of calm inside us.

Day 4 | 30th September, 2017: The Striking Blue Waters Of Pangong Tso

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: riding bike in ladakh

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: bike ride in ladakh

After a hearty breakfast served at the hotel, we started our journey to Pangong Tso sharp at 7 AM. The 168 km journey took us around 6 hours to cover and we went through the Chang-La Pass, the second highest motorable pass in the world at an altitude of 17,688 ft above sea level.

Lokpal romantic trip to Ladakh: sitting near Pangong tso lake

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: standing near changla pass

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: changla pass

The first glimpse of the tranquil, azure blue waters and shaky lakeshores of Pangong Tso are still etched in my mind as if I had visited them yesterday. Such is the power of this place! The beauty of this lake made me realise that booking this 5 days romantic trip to Ladakh was perhaps the best decision of my life!

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: beautiful pangong lake

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: lokpal and wife at pangong

The lake came as a great relief after driving on those back-breaking, pathetic roads leading to Pangong Tso from Leh.

Day 5 | 31st September: Departure With Sweet Memories!

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: bidding goodbye

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: snowy hills

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: hall of fame

Our friendly driver-cum guide drove us to the airport in the morning and we boarded our flight for Delhi post bidding this beautiful city goodbye. We returned home with sweet memories of the trip and a yearning to scale those landscapes again someday!

From riding ATV scooters, rafting in tough rivers, to gazing at the picture-perfect environs of Pangong Tso Lake, this truly was a cherishable romantic trip to Ladakh that we would love to experience again!

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: lokpal and his wife in ladakh

lokpal romantic trip to ladakh: zanskar river

Our WOW Moments on the trip:

  • The aerial views of the Himalayan range
  • The snowfall at Khardungla top
  • The beautiful view of Nubra Valley
  • Bactrian Camel Riding at the beautiful sand dunes surrounded by the Siachen Glacier
  • ATV ride
  • River Rafting at Sangam, world’s highest rafting point
  • Bullet riding in the rough terrains of Himalayas
  • The views of the Pangong Lake

What We Missed Out On: My dream was to travel around Ladakh on my motorcycle

Tips for future travelers:

  • The roads of Ladakh are in a very bad condition, so make arrangements accordingly
  • Book your trip to Ladakh with TravelTriangle but make sure you always stay updated on the progress of the trip plan and maintain constant communication with the TravelTriangle team, other than your agent

Yearning to craft your own tale of adventure and romance in those Instagrammable landscapes of Ladakh? Take inspiration from this adventure-packed journey and book your romantic trip to Ladakh with TravelTriangle right away!

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Top 8 Wedding Venues In Belgium That Are Just Perfect To Take Your Vows

If you have dreamt of a fairytale destination wedding, then these wedding venues in Belgium are what you should consider for your event. Be it in a castle or a hotel, a small intimate affair or a grand procession, you will find all kinds of banquets and places to host a perfect wedding. If you have proposed your better half and have begun planning your wedding, this list of wedding venues in Belgium will come in handy for finalizing upon the place.

There are many luxurious, comfortable, reasonable Belgium wedding venues.

1. Chateau de Balmoral

Chateau de Balmoral

Chateau de Balmoral wedding venue is located next to the Spa small township. The fortress holds 75 number of people to allocate both inside and outside for wedding gatherings. This wedding place is quite difficult to reach in the town. But it has a wonderful site to look at. With its uniqueness, it highlights the quality of feeling classy among all. There are only chances for only ten numbers of people to live in the nighttime with contemporary bedchamber along with the enormous nuptial dress. Apart from having provisions for only ten numbers of people to live in a night for the wedding they are also facilities for other places nearby for the rest of the people to spend the night without any difficulty.

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2. Sech’ry


Sech’ry is one of the best destination weddings in Belgium. This wedding venue is spacious and has a big wedding hall. The outer area of the wedding place is also wonderful to look at. Things available there in the hall are comfortable and present-day things with a very low weight. The wedding place has many ideal things with fine shinning on it. The place can hold people in numbers of 50 and 60 at one go. The house is just wonderful with a mountainous view at the backside and the big casement lets the sunlight enter completely giving a more beautiful view to look at. It has a table big in length holding 50 numbers of chairs on it which also throws light on the picture of having a wonderful marriage supper with the guests. It also has a playground for kids and swimming area facilities for the people.

3. Excelsior


Excelsior is a hotel in the city of Brussels that provides a facility for all big and small events in the city. This is also one of the best wedding venues in Brussels Belgium. Facilities available for marriages in the hotel includes big space with soft colors and soft cloths, floors with fine marbles, mirrors are on the partition, good music players, remote control systems, high-speed WiFi and optical fiber, height is 4.2 in m, air-conditioned, and equipped in three phases.

4. Chateau Presseux

Chateau Presseux

A fantasy stronghold called ‘Chateau Presseux’ settled in the Sprimont nature save, arranged between the towns of Luik and Spa. One of the biggest wedding venues in Belgium. Counting the mentor house 60 individuals can stay for the night. You can get hitched in the beautiful Wallonian church, which is a bounce and a skirt far from the home. Each room has been totally reestablished in its very own style. The rooms additionally each have their own ‘theme’. You can host stunning open-air gatherings here, yet you can likewise remain inside in the stately ‘salon’ with its amazing ceiling fixture and incredible perspective of the wonderful valley.

5. The Pand Hotel

The Pand Hotel

This hotel is a four-star hotel situated in the county of history in Belgium at a distance from the gallery of Absolute Art, Basilica and Groeniingemuseum. This is a small hotel with good facilities and is a perfect place for weddings in Bruges Belgium with free WiFi facilities, and other different provisions for washing clothes with dry washing and baby care facilities. The hotel also provides with a bar but has restrictions for smoking and has a work hour of a complete day and car parking by self. Wifi is also free in the gathering areas near it. The hotel has a total of twenty-six rooms with WiFi free zone, televisions, minibars, and hairdryers with many other necessary things for the people.

6. Castle Villa le Boqueteau

Castle Villa le Boqueteau

In the beautiful town of Spa, by means of a great route, you come to the splendid ‘KasteelVilla Le Boqueteau’. From the outside, it doesn’t have all the earmarks of being such expansive, however, once you are inside the rooms and potential outcomes appear to be unending. The manor is by and large totally revamped in the old style, however with a contemporary finish for the coming season. 30 individuals can go through the night. Also, interestingly, there are a lot more activities here! Only a short separation away (100 meters) there is another manor that has a place with a similar proprietor: the roomy, comfortable Villa Balmoral. Consider how much fun it has the men remain at one estate the night prior to the wedding, while at the other manor the young ladies could invest their energy dolling themselves up for the enormous day. At ‘Kasteel Villa le Boqueteau’ you can likewise get hitched outside, and feast extravagantly at the long tables set up on the secured porch, where there is an astonishing perspective of the wonderful valley.

7. Au Dessus Du Bie

Au Dessus Du Bie

Somewhat more southerly, towards the French fringe, lies the enchanting town of Daverdisse. Winding streets conveyed us to one of the scenes, Au Dessus du Bie (arranged over the Bie”, which is a little stream). From the outside, you may not quickly speculate the extensive size and quality of this domain. Flanking the domain of Au Dessus du Bie is a grand wheat field that characterizes the limits of the estate. Envision the sentimental photographs you will have the capacity to take there, particularly while you are eating with your visitors similarly as the sun is setting.

Au Dessus du Bie has a wide range of flawless destinations on the premises, and this is the thing that makes it so phenomenal. For instance, aside from the “primary home” there are likewise abodes with two vast rooms, which would be perfect as a wedding suite, or for the guardians of the lady of the hour to remain at. What’s more, there is an old grain storehouse and a half-open animal dwelling place with an outside kitchen! You can go through the night here with up to 34 individuals.

8. Hoeve Vernelsberg

Hoeve Vernelsberg

Hoeve Vernelsberg, arranged in the undulating scene of South Limburg, alongside the enchanting ‘Geul River’. You’re not exactly abroad yet, but rather it unquestionably feels like it! It is an amicable area, with a ton of character and a decent environment. Vernelsberg is additionally the main triangular property in the majority of the Netherlands! The manner in which the structures have been put make a vast, stunning inward yard, where you can feast easily with the majority of your visitors at long tables. A few “stairs” at the back of the property take you straight to the ‘Geul River’. A delightful prattling rivulet nearby which you can have a close wedding service.

Inside everything is in the conventional timber-confined style, however with a contemporary touch. You can remain here with twenty-four individuals and appreciate a great wedding end of the week!

If it’s not too much trouble observe: at this area parties with intensified music are not permitted. A “quiet disco” would be an incredible option!

For wedding planning, one cannot have any problem in searching venues in Belgium because there are plenty. If you have always dreamt of a fairytale wedding, you should book a venue and take a trip to Belgium. And, if you ask us, it is a great destination for a honeymoon in Europe.

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