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12 EDM Festivals In Australia In 2019 That Are All About Glitz, Glam, And Grandeur

What makes Australia irresistible is the liveliness of this place. And, what makes it livelier are the fellow Australians who are so warm and welcoming. They excel in the art of celebrating life. Having said that, music is the pillar for the firm foundation of their rich culture. The people of Australia are fond of music and they make sure that the rest of the world knows about it. Here are 12 EDM festivals in Australia that you must attend at least once in your lifetime.

The life in Australia is like a crazy roller coaster ride that you don’t want to miss at any cost. The country’s known for hosting some jaw-dropping EDM music festivals in Australia. Here’s a list of the most popular EDM festivals in Australia:

  • Major Creek Festival
  • Wallaby Creek Festival
  • The Grass is Greener
  • Happy Daze
  • Electric Gardens
  • Jungle Love Festival
  • Kyneton Music Festival
  • Wide Open Space Festival
  • Wind on Water Festival
  • Autumn Festival
  • Undara Outback Rock and Rules
  • The Gum Ball

1. Major Creek Festival

Major Creek Festival

This festival is designed keeping in my mind all sort of people belonging to different age groups. This music festival showcases an incredible mix of jaw-dropping EDM music’s, alluring ambiance, charming surroundings, and spectacular performances. The vibrant musical atmosphere that they create here will leave you awestruck. Their splendid lighting effect adds even more joy to the whole celebration. Also, don’t forget to try out their delectable mouth-watering food delicacies and check out their creative workshops.

Location: Mining village of Major Creeks
Highlight: Themed performances, camping, craft stalls

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2. Wallaby Creek Festival

Wallaby Creek Festival

This festival is held towards the end of September. What makes this festival unique is that along with enjoying the thrilling EDM music, you can simultaneously indulge in so many other activities as well. You can swim in the waters of the lush tropical rainforest or you can take part in healing spaces and workshops. The best part about this festival is that it is family friendly, so you can come here with them to have some quality downtime.

Location: Rossville
Highlight: Live dances and circus shows

3. The Grass is Greener

The Grass is Greener

This music festival is held in the month of October and is ranked on the top in the category of the most popular and biggest EDM festival in Australia. It features breathtaking performances by top artists, combined with the best production quality and electrifying ambiance. It welcomes artists from all over the world to drop some heart-pounding beats and make everyone dance like there is no tomorrow.

Location: Cairns, Queensland
Highlight: music performances by renowned artists

4. Happy Daze

Happy Daze

Held from June 1-3, this music festival brings to you a unique genre of music which is both eclectic and electrifying. This festival invites visitors to showcase their unique qualities while bonding with locals. From music to dance to food, everything has a touch of uniqueness to it. As the drums and bass fill the air with electrifying vibes, get grooving to the latest hit music and have the time of your life.

Location: Whitsundays
Highlight: Live performances by the EDM artists and food stalls

5. Electric Gardens

Electric Gardens

This is a world-famous South West Four Festival featuring some of the world’s biggest DJs. Their heart-thumping dance lines ups will make even the laziest ones groove as the beats cut deeper into your souls. With drop-dead EDM music making the whole world dance, this festival will give you chills.

Location: Sydney, Melbourne
Highlight: Live music and dance performances

6. Jungle Love Festival

Jungle Love Festival

This music festival is set along the Yabba Creek and is unique in so many ways. Mostly held during the end of November or the first week of December, this musical festival attracts attendees from different corners of the world. It is a perfect place for all. With dazzling EDM music lineups, incredible food, and fairytale-like settings, this festival must not be missed. The stage performances, live murals, and exquisite art exhibitions will dazzle you completely.

Location: Yabba creek
Highlight: Touring on rainbow bicycles, camping at night

7. Kyneton Music Festival

Kyneton Music Festival

This music festival is famously known as “Party in the Park” and that too for all the right reasons. They feature some of the best bands in Australia. It is definitely the best EDM music festival that is held in Australia and a preferred place for all those who wander in search of upbeat music and friendly environment. So if you’re feeling out of the place in a stranger land, then this festival will be your perfect retreat.

Location: Kyneton
Highlight: Music performances by renowned artists

8. Wide Open Space Festival

Wide Open Space Festival

Wide Open Space is a three-day festival which brings out all the zeal and makes a perfect place for the music lovers. It is mostly held during the first week of May and offers a diverse array of musical talent and phenomenal workshops. Their dessert cultures and amazing lifestyle is something worth experiencing. Also, you will witness some of the most breathtaking energetic performances.

Location: East MacDonnell Ranges
Highlight: Electrifying EDM music and camping at night

9. Wind on Water Festival

Wind on Water Festival

This is a one-stop destination for all the EDM music festival goers. With sartorial interiors and outstanding backdrops, this music festival is a must-attend in Australia. It features performances by commendable creative artists and other fun activities for you to indulge in. The exhilarating environment fills visitors with enthusiasm and happiness.

Location: City of Greater Geraldton
Highlight: Large scale kite flying, water sports

10. Autumn Festival

Autumn Festival

This festival is usually held in either the first or the second week of April. It is dedicated to all those people who have an immense love for EDM. Along with that, they also celebrate the local music. Their world-class setting features everything from good music and electrifying ambiance. This festival promises to leave you with some long lasting beautiful memories.

Location: Adelaide
Highlight: Themed performances, camping, craft stalls

11. Undara Outback Rock and Rules

Undara Outback Rock and Rules

Held in the last week of April, this music festival is unique in its own way. It is also known as the ‘Biggest Little Festival’ in Australia. The whole stage setup is surrounded by best scenic landscapes and a natural ambiance. No wonder it attracts a massive amount of music lovers every year. The whole ambiance has a different vibe.

Location: North Queensland
Highlight: Scenic natural landscapes

12. The Gum Ball

The Gum Ball

The Gum Ball is a music festival which is usually held in the last weeks of April and welcomes all the finest DJ’s of the town. Held in the countryside, this music festival is the ultimate paradise for all the EDM lovers out there. The world-renowned musicians gather on one main stage to make you groove on some of the best electrifying music of all time.

Location: Belford
Highlight: Delectable food, wine, beer, free morning yoga

Australia is known for celebrating things. There is always a music festival going on here! It is a land of paradise for all the music lovers. There are plenty of EDM festivals in Australia for you to choose from. Book your trip to Australia and make sure to attend at least one of these music festivals.

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Things To Do In Khao Lak: Here Is Everything About The Hidden Gem In Thailand

Khao Lak is preferred as the best holiday destination for anyone seeking peace and nature, of Phang Nga Province, Thailand. If you’re seeking things to do in Khao Lak , like exotic nightlife and its associated attraction, Khao Lak is not the place for you. The Word Khao Lak means ‘Lak Mountain’. Khao Lak, located 73km from Phuket airport, makes it a convenient and easy place for a holiday. Khao Lak is expanded with beautiful awesome beaches along with the Andaman Sea coastline which is set against a backdrop of forest-covered mountains and is dotted with exotic resorts and traveler facilities. This place is also renowned for lush tropical rainforests, emerald hills, and pristine national parks.

Khao Lak is an excellent holiday spot for people who want to spend leisure time, for family and nature. Knowing what to do in Khao Lak before visiting ensures you do not miss out the fun or any activities. Here are the top 10 things to do in Khao Lak.

1. Go Sunbathe at The Peaceful Beaches

Go Sunbathe at The Peaceful Beaches

Bang Niang is a couple of kilometers north of Bang La On. There is nothing much to look at but patchy outdoor market takes place in the center of the town. Some of the popular nighttime bars, discos can be found. Turning towards the sea from 8-10 shop in the town center, Bang Niang Beach can be accessed. There is a 20 odd kilometer long stretch of beach at the Andaman Coast, it is always possible to find a favorite spot to swim and to relax. Nan Thong Beaches and Bang Niang Beach are the most visited beaches. These beaches have great places to sunbathe and relax, and if you wish to get a natural tan, then you are in the right spot.

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2. Explore the Chong Fah Waterfall

Explore the Chong Fah Waterfall

Apart from all the beaches, there is so much nature to explore around Khao Lak, mountains, forests, and waterfalls. Hike 1km to reach the Chong Fah waterfall that’s surrounded by lush tropical rainforest. This place looks simply out of the world and is a great place to click some amazing snaps.

3. Horseback Riding Lessons at Khao Lak Horse Club

Horseback Riding Lessons at Khao Lak Horse Club

Among the three main Khao Lak towns, Bang La On is the most tourist-oriented. Bang La Bang La On is the first stop near the Nang Thong Supermarket. This leads to the town’s beach, also called Nang Thong.
You can take horseback riding lessons on mountainous or coastal terrain from Khao Lak Horse Club. Popular among tourists, this place is visited by around the year for Horse Riding Sessions.

4. Wat Tham temple

Wat Tham temple

One could plan a village tour to experience the Thai Culture. One should visit the Wat Tham temple that links Phuket and Phang Nga Town. It has a reclining Buddha that makes this place and unique and popular among tourists. And a few miles away, one can visit the Wat Tham Village that is known for the hospitality and welcoming nature towards tourists.

5. A Jungle Safari At The Khao Lak Park

A Jungle Safari At The Khao Lak Park

The Khao Lak National Park offers the beauty of the hidden jungle, exotic wildlife as well as rivers and waterfalls. Khao Lak National Park is the oldest evergreen rainforest spread over an area of 700 km/sq. One can opt for the Jungle Safari at the Park to experience wildlife from close right here. So visiting this place would be one of the best things to do in Khao Lak.

6. 813 Tsunami Memorial Park

813 Tsunami Memorial Park

This memorial park is named after police boat 813 that drifted 2km from its anchorage on land. Khao Lak’s International Tsunami Museum has images and ruins of the Tsunami that hit this place. This place will send a shiver down your spine. There are many souvenirs available for sale here, and one could buy some to have them as memoirs of visiting the Museum.

7. Bang Niang Market

Bang Niang Market

Among some of the best things to do in Khao Lak town, street shopping is extremely popular. Be it for decors or for clothes and accessories, the Bang Niang Market has a lot to offer. One can also visit this place to experience authentic Thai food and enjoy the culture at its best.

8. Surfing at the Khao Lak Beach

Surfing at the Khao Lak Beach

Khao Lak Beach has been popular among tourists as one can try some surfing here. There are great surf sports available here and one should make the most of it. One can rent surfing equipment and undergo some basic training to experience the best of surfing at Khao Lak Beach.

Also, a couple of kilometers north from Bang Niang brings you to Khuk Khak. Khuk Khak is a central region that provides infrastructural supplies like paint, kitchen equipment, hardware, etc. for the resorts. The south of Khuk Khak by following the JW Marriott Hotel sign and proceeding past it can reach to the Khuk Khak Beach. In the north of Khuk Khak are Pakarang cape and Pakarang beach, Bang Sak Beach (780 km) and Pakweep Beach (784 km).

These are 8 best things to do in Khao Lak when on a vacation to Thailand. Khao Lak is one of the best places in Thailand for a holiday. People escaping from chaos and crowd can relish the appealing beaches and lush jungle enchanted with peace. Summing up, along with the exploration of nature, the adventures like scuba diving, rafting, canyoning can be listed in the things to do in Khao Lak, Thailand. One needs to just explore this city to the fullest!

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Bike Trip from Kanyakumari To Kashmir: A Ride Of Glory

Taking a bike trip from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, Sundar Ganesaan and his friends Sachin Sood, Tamilmani, and Senthil did what most non-bikers can only dream of – travel 5000 km from south to north India.

Kanyakumari to Kashmir by road

Sundar and Sachin in Kanyakumari

The idea of doing a Kanyakumari to Kashmir Road Trip (K2K) stuck the duo when they were returning from their trip to Guntur. Having traveled most of the India via bus and other modes of transport, they now wanted to taste the thrill of solo biking!

Sachin with his bike in Kanyakumari

But to check if they would really be able to do it, they both decided to take a bike trip from Chennai to Kanyakumari first.

Scenery in Kanyakumari India

They returned in 3 days and completed one full side (720 Km) in 13 hours (approx.)

‘This successful trip instilled a great deal of confidence in us and we were now bubbling with excitement for our K2K journey.’

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Preparing for Kanyakumari to Kashmir road trip

Sundar and Sachins Royal Enfields

Sundar and Sachin took 6 months to prepare for the trip and during this time, they took scheduled leaves from their office, booked hotels, and reserved their return flight from New Delhi.

Sundar on his Royal Enfield Thunderbird

‘Our plan was to ride till Kashmir on the bikes and continue the rest of the journey in the car. We planned to send our bikes back home once we were done and return to Chennai via a flight from New Delhi. This was done to fit everything in our restricted timeline.’

Sundar and his friends taking a bike trip from Kanyakumari to Kashmir

Apart from this, the duo picked out the best routes, purchased the right travel equipment and chose the Royal Enfields they wanted to drive. (Thunderbird 500 for Sundar and Bullet 350 for Sachin).
They also read a lot of travelogues and travel stories of people who had already done a K2K in the past.

Sundar at the cricket ground in Dharamshala

‘One of the most interesting travel accounts that we read were of Roshni Sharma, a female solo biker who accomplished K2K on her own. She was a constant source of inspiration for us.’

The experience

Sundar and his friends in Gulmarg

The trip started with Sundar and Sachin, and later they were joined by their other friends from various destinations on their way. Together, all of them covered the following major cities (alphabetical order) – Agra, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Dharamshala, Gulmarg, Gwalior, Hoshiarpur, Hyderabad, Srinagar, Jhansi, Kanyakumari, Karnal, Kurnool, Madurai, Nagpur, Narsinghpur, New Delhi, Pathankot, and Chennai.

‘This was a life changing trip for all of us. I learned so much about myself during my time on the road. Trusting my instincts, having more patience, and being humble were few good traits that I acquired from many’.

Locals on the highway from Kanyakumari to Kashmir

Associating travel as a great teacher of life, Sundar found it to be a perfect source for gaining clarity of thought. According to him, the time he spent focusing on the road was where he was truly living each moment.

‘All my life’s problems seemed small during the journey. Since I was concentrating on what was coming ahead of me, I had all the time to think about what was important. The trivialities were lost and I was able to find answers to questions that mattered. It was absolutely amazing!’

Signboard on highway

The journey, however, was a tough one for them.

‘From riding in the biting cold weather and fog to escaping accidents to making countless stoppages for bike repairs – we faced them all with courage. There were moments when we were tired and just wanted to go home but we surpassed them all by focusing on the end result – Kanyakumari to Kashmir!’

Sundar eating punjabi thali

Citing food and sightseeing as one of the most prominent features of their trip, Sundar said that wherever they went, they witnessed different monuments, cultures, and cuisines.

Sundar and his friends at Taj Mahal

‘Be it Agra, Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad or the zillion other places that we visited – everything delighted us! We loved the hospitality of the locals!’

The feeling of a traveler

Sundar and his friends pose with Welcome to Kashmir board

‘The moment we reached Kashmir, every one of my friends including me went berserk! This was the time I truly felt like a traveler. The joy and sense of fulfillment cannot be expressed in words! Sachin and I had done the impossible and Kanyakumari to Kashmir was finally a reality!’

Sundar and his friends in Gulmarg

Calling themselves as storytellers, Sundar says traveling ensures you are never short of tales to tell.
‘The moments and experiences that you witness during your journeys come back to you later and are reborn as memorable stories.’

Nikhil and his nephew

‘During our journey, Nikhil met his nephew for the first time when we reached Chandigarh. Now imagine him telling his experience to the kid 10 years down the line! It would be epic!’

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How much did the trip cost?

Sundar and his friends on their Royal Enfields

Sharing their cost and expenses during the trip –

‘We spent around 40K per person during the whole journey. The fuel cost came around 10K for the one way trip to Kanyakumari and Kashmir. We spent around 5K on the flight tickets from Delhi to Chennai and it took another 5K to transport our bikes from north to south (Chandigarh to Chennai). The rest 20 K amounted in the day to day activities like food, accommodation and repairs with an average coming out to be approx 1000-1500 per day.’

Sundar and his friends enjoy the food of Dhabas

However, spending 40 K on a tight budget required some planning and both Sundar and Sachin were smart in it. They went for early reservations for both flight and hotels and even stayed at hostels and houses of friends that lived in the passing cities. The food was not a costly affair since they could easily manage good meals between 100-150 per day.

Working hard for what you love

Sundar at a punjabi dhaba

It takes a great deal of courage and self-confidence for non-bikers to do a Kanyakumari to Kashmir journey on a bike.

What started as a fantasy plan for the two – turned real when they became serious about it!

Snow scenery in Gulmarg

This accomplishment is an example of how we are responsible for our own happiness and can make our life worth living by doing what we love! The passion for traveling that Sundar and Sachin had, overcome all the excuses regarding work, job, finance and even natural disasters (Chennai floods) simply because – they really wanted to do a K2K.

Sundar and his friends at the airport

If all of us could apply the same logic and improvise on our plans, life would be full of things we love – be it traveling, dance, or anything that makes us happy.

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The Luxurious Royal Central Opens On Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah

Giving staycations a whole new meaning, the luxurious Royal Central opens on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah. The 5-star resort is absolutely fun, funky, and casual, offering panoramic views of the incredible Palm.

Royal Central has 207 rooms and suites and a number of dining options (La Mason, Choi, and Ya Bahr). Other than these, the hotel has a “Baristas’ Corner” and a ‘Hush’ Beach Bar. Hush Beach is a wonderful beach club situated on the tip of the Palm with cabanas and sunbeds where you can recline and enjoy the ocean view.

“We are very excited to announce the soft opening of the Royal Central Hotel The Palm,” said Central Hotels chairman Ahmad Al Abdulla. “The hotel has been designed to make travel seamless and enjoyable with our unique ‘stay fresh’ concept.”

Royal Central in Dubai Palm

Colourful chairs in Royal Palm Resort in Dubai

inside one of the rooms in Royal Palm

Royal Central resort also offers exclusive beachfront access, watersports and equipment rental, an outdoor swimming pool, gym, spa etc. We can’t wait to check out this awesome property.

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12 Awesome Things To Do In Pietermaritzburg That Will Leave You Amazed

Pietermaritzburg is the capital city of the province KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. It was founded in 1833 and is the second largest city of this province. There are so many things to do in Pietermaritzburg. This place has got historical museums, botanical gardens, parks, bird sanctuaries, art galleries, hotels and restaurants. This place respects all religions which is also the reason why one can find both churches and Hindu temples all on one land.

This place lets a tourist indulge in the rich cultural and religious atmosphere of this place. There are a number of things to do when in Pietermaritzburg. Here is a list of all such things:

1. KwaZulu-Natal National Botanical Garden: Explore

Visit the KwaZulu-Natal National Botanical Garden

This garden is situated along the Mayor’s walk along the western suburbs of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. This place was established in 1874 to promote the greenery in the area. This garden cultivates plants which are brought here from eastern parts of South Africa and from the northern hemisphere as well. This garden is one of the oldest gardens in the world. This garden is open throughout the year but the timings are different. In summer it is open from 8am to 6pm and in winters it is open from 8am to 5:30 pm. It attracts 150 different species of birdlife.

Location: 2 Zwartkop Rd, Prestbury, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa

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2. The Comrades Museum: Take a walk through history

Run into The Comrades Museum

The Comrades Museum is a Victorian house which serves as the headquarters of Comrades marathon. It is a museum which has a rich history of the ultimate human race. It narrates the story of the race and its victors. At the beginning there were only 34 marathon runners who participated in this. But with time, numbers grew. Today, it is one of the most attended marathons. On an average, there are approximately ten thousand to 15 thousand runners participating in the marathon.

Location: 18 Connaught road, Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal

3. Butterflies for Africa: Stop by

Love Butterflies

This is a place where there is a walk in butterfly house. Here one can find both exotic and indigenous butterflies. The impressive walk through butterfly house is the prime attraction for the people who come here. It feels like a wonderland as one walks by and is surrounded by the view of spectacular colours.

Location: 37 Willowton Rd, Willowton, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa

4. Golden Horse Casino: Up for a gamble?

Golden Horse Casino is the right place to come

The Golden Horse Casino is the perfect place for all those people who love gambling or want to give it a shot. It is an intimate casino. It offers traditional table games, restaurant services and live entertainment. It is a great casino which also provides accommodation facilities for people who wish to stay there. Thus, it’s a good place for all the gamblers out there. Overall it a fun place to have some exciting experiences at.

Location: 45 New England Rd, Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa

5. Queen Elizabeth Park: Take a stroll

Queen Elizabeth Park Nature Reserve has to be on one's visiting list

Queen Elizabeth Park is a natural reserve which features wildlife. This natural reserve is home to many different species like impala, Blesbok, zebra, bushbuck, crowned eagles etc. This place also houses several endangered species of plants, like the endangered daisies and the cycad species of plants. This place also provides an environment based educational workshop.

Location: Town Bush Valley, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa

6. Tatham Art Gallery: For all art lovers

Visit the Tatham Art Gallery for the love of art

This art museum was established in 1903. It one of the most famous museums of South Africa. It has a noteworthy collection of artworks from French and British culture. This gallery has a significant amount of things from the past hundred years. This art gallery is basically now a historical building and a stop for people who are fond of art and knowing the culture of a place.

Location: Chief Albert Luthuli St, Pietermaritzburg, 3200, South Africa

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7. Italian POW Church: Seek blessings

Italian POW Church

The Italian Prisoner Of War Church in South Africa was built during the end of world war two. It has now become a provincial heritage site. This church was erected in 1944 by the Italian prisoners. It is in many ways associated with the history of the Italian community in South Africa.

Location: 127 Epworth Rd, Epworth, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa

8. Macrorie House Museum: Gape at the scenic beauty

Macrorie House Museum

This place was built around the 1860s on a house which was rented. It is a national monument and also a heritage site. Its architecture is more like an early mid Victorian double storey house. The entire museum is filled with Victorian furniture. This place also has a wonderful collection of dolls and doll houses. This museum organizes an annual Victorian fair. It also provides extra facilities like tea in the garden.

Location: 11 Jabu Ndlovu St, Pietermaritzburg, 3201

9. Shri Vishnu Temple: Offer prayers

Go to the Shri Vishnu Temple to seek some blessings

This is a 100 years old temple. It is one of the most beautiful and elegant places in this city. Its serene and peaceful aura creates a blissful atmosphere. It is one of the three Hindu temples found in that region. There are marble images in the shrine room of God and Goddesses who are worshiped in the northern traditional manner.

Location: langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal

10. Wylie Park: Take pictures for your Instagram

Want some good photos

It is a beautiful park spread across eight hectares. Since it is situated at a high peak, one can have some spectacular views of the entire city from there. This is also a nice photography spot due to its breathtaking scenery and mesmerizing colors of the sky during sunset. The entry to the park is absolutely free of cost.

Location: Wembley, Pietermaritzburg, Natal Midlands, KwaZulu Natal

11. The Garden of Remembrance: Explore

The Garden of Remembrance

It is a beautiful tourist spot and a popular attraction. This park was built in the memory of those people who sacrificed their lives during the first and the Second World War. During the First World War, the South African soldiers were sent to France in order to support the British soldiers. This garden is a sad reminder of the people who lost their live in the war. The Garden of Remembrance is the locals’ way to pay them a tribute for their bravery.

Location: Chief Albert Luthuli Street, Pietermaritzburg, Natal Midlands

12. African Bird of Prey Sanctuary: Go birdwatching

Go for African bird watching in the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary

This is typically a bird sanctuary. It is dedicated to protect the indigenous raptors. There are several projects which are run in this sanctuary that are based on research breeding and rehabilitation of the birds of prey. This sanctuary is home to a number of species of birds. There are also flying display times which are held in open air where one can get to see the magnificent African wild birds which are aerial predators.

Indulging in the beauty of a place is something you must enjoy when visiting it. There are numerous things to do in Pietermaritzburg and we’re sure you’ll fall for the place on your trip to South Africa . We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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Tour Du Mont Blanc: A Complete Guide To Trek Through The Magical Beauty Of Europe

Hiking through different forested areas feel really good. There are several people who invest their time and patience into these hiking trips because of the trill. But Tour du Mont Blanc is an epic hiking journey through Europe that everyone dreams of. If anyone has the chance to go on this tour they should definitely take part in it because of its beauty and its extensiveness. It definitely takes time, patience and money but it is worthy of everything that you provide it with. So, let us know a bit more about this hike so that you can get really excited to make it a reality.

Peak of mountain

Tour du mont blanc is considered a long walk through Europe in which you circle the Mont Blac massif and the distance is of 170 KM or 110 mi. while in the walk you will pass parts of the countries of Switzerland, Italy, and France. People walk in a counter-clockwise way and it lasts for anywhere from 10 to 13 days depending on their ability. Some of the start points include Les Houches, Les Contamines, Courmayeur, Champex and Martigny. This actually allows you to enter the walk from any of the three countries. The hike is quite challenging as you will need to soar the height of 2665 m. So, only people who have prior experience of hiking mountainous regions should take part in it. Tour Du Mont Blanc Self Guided are quite common but along with that one can be part of guided tours as well. Accommodations and eateries are available at most main points of this trekking experience to make it easy for the participants.

These days there is something called thematic routes where people are able to experience something that they like. The “Le Chemin des Rognes” track is a part of the historic routes present in the walk. Another routes option is the ‘Mountain in all senses’ where one can go through to the Escape Mont Blanc region and discover many things native to the place. Among this is the ‘A piedi nudi’ or barefoot route present in the Morgex region. It is safe to hike in a barefoot condition which is an experience that people shouldn’t miss. Vallone di Arpy is a place that everyone should see and there you get three thematic routes. Just make sure of the season that you will take the hike as all thematic routes aren’t available in all seasons. To know more about the trails and their conditions we recommend you to follow the Tour du Mont Blanc website as they update it frequently to help the hikers.

Close to clouds and Mountains

Whenever you are going on a hiking tour you want the place to be as scenic as possible. Along with that, there are times when these places are closed or are covered with snow. It is recommended to take the Tour de Mont Blanc hike during the summer months which last from June to August. These are the months where you get a lot of sunlight and time to hike the trails. Along with that you also get to avoid the uncomfortable colds of the winter days. Another main reason behind going in the summer months is that the hike only remains open during the summer days, so you need to plan your alpine trek between this period. People who want to avoid the crowd can plan their trip in the months of June and September which aren’t full of tourists and they will get quieter trails. The winter months have harsh weather which tourists wouldn’t like. Along with that hiking gets challenging day by day. But still many people are attracted to snowshoeing. Hiking isn’t allowed in the winter months. We thought of including this in our Tour Du Mont Blanc guide to make it easier on people planning to take the trip.

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Mountain closeup view

People who are considering to take the tour should know that this does last for mostly 10 to 13 days. You may have prior experience of hiking but the Alpine region may have something in store for you. Most people opt for a 10-day tour where they can include trails in their way. But people who want a little bit more leniency can go for a 13-day tour. One thing that people should keep in mind is that one needs to go back to their starting point or some other entry point when they have finished the tour. The length also depends on the capability of the participants along with the weather conditions. Tour Du Mont Blanc 7 days tour are also possible by people who have prior experience of similar long hikes. Do book your accommodations accordingly.

Here is a list of the best things to do at Tour Du Mont Blanc while holidaying there for a surreal experience. Take a look!

1. Camping


Tour Du Mont Blanc camping is a thing that you should definitely try. It can be an alternative to paying for expensive accommodations. You will need to find the campsites once you are over with your day’s hiking. Do check the prices and the place before you settle for it. You will get a lot of camping sites throughout the circular hike. Take the help of the internet to find the best camping areas near your stopping points.

2. Fill Your Tummy

Delicious food

We are sure that by now you know that the Tour de Mont Blanc will be an amazing experience for your eyes. But along with that, you will need to have enough food and taste different things as well. You need to try Alpine foods when you are on the tour. Things like the Raclette, Tartiflette, Rosti are among the hot favorites. Among liquors, you need to try Génépi which is an herby liquor that is made locally. There are different restaurants at points of Chamonix, Courmayeur etc. Do include food when doing your budget for the Tour Du Mont Blanc cost.

Edge of Mountain peak

When you are taking such a long trekking tour you need to pack the right things so that you may have all the essentials. You cannot pack heavy and it is best if you take only 15 KG of baggage along with you. Some of the things that you must have are:

  • Proper breathable clothes that are appropriate for the weather. Take clothes that dry quickly and doesn’t retain too much moisture or body odor.
  • You need to have the right shoe along with you. Go for comfortable hiking shoes.
  • Do have a sun cap along with you to save yourself from the harsh sunlight.
  • Pack some dry snacks that you can have when you suddenly get hungry or need energy.
  • Carry a first aid kit along with your usual medicines and electrolyte tablets. Soap and toiletries should also be included.
  • Always pack a good water bottle so that you can have enough with you at all times.

So, here are some things that you should keep in mind when you are planning for the Tour de Mont Blanc. Make sure to follow to have a successful hike. We hope that we have answered most of the questions that you may have had about the place. So, plan a trip to Europe and definitely try out this hike as it will be one of the best experiences that you have in your life.

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12 Rock Festivals In Australia: Festivals Worth Traveling For In 2019

Australia is a country which is surrounded by the Indian and the Pacific ocean. Australia is a highly developed country and has a very high standard of living. It is considered to be one of the costliest countries to live in and is also the world’s 13th largest economy. The country is always bustling with tourists who come to this tropical heaven to have a vacation of their life and experience the wilderness of the country. To entertain all these tourists, the country also hosts some of the major rock festivals in Australia. While you are there, do attend these festivals for an experience of a lifetime.

Undoubtedly, Australia is a major tourism hub and would fascinate anyone who loves traveling and exploring. This vibrant tropical country receives a lot of attention from tourists abroad. Australia hosts numerous music and rock festivals every year which attracts millions of people. People come from across the globe to enjoy music and share their love for music. The list of rock music festivals in Australia goes on and on as the country has an immense number of music lovers and likes to make such things grand. Some of the rock festivals in Australia 2019 are:

  • Fall’s Festival
  • Groovin The Moo
  • Splendour In The Grass
  • Pyramid Rock Festival
  • Village Fair
  • Good Things
  • Rock It
  • Undara Outback Rock And Blues
  • Wind On Water Festival
  • Jungle Love Festival
  • Kyneton Music Festival
  • The Grass Is Greener

1. Fall’s Festival

Fall's Festival

Fall’s festival is a music and art festival which starts from December end and goes on till the first week of January. The festival hosts several music, dance, circus, theatre, and other performances. The artists generally play indie, rock, hip hop, and electronic music. The turnout of people is overwhelming and this festival attracts many people as it has an amazing set of line up artists and performances.

Location: Lorne, Victoria Marion Bay, Tasmania Fremantle, Western Australia, and Yelgun, NSW
Dates: 28th December to 8th January
Cost: AUD 400-2000

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2. Groovin The Moo


It is the music festival that is annually held across 6 different places in Australia. It was initially started in 2005, as the crowd became larger and larger every year, the organizers decided to host the festival every year in different venues. The shows started selling out and it soon became immensely popular. Various artists come and perform at this festival every year.

Location: Various towns and cities across Australia
Dates: Late April – Early May
Cost: AUD 105

3. Splendour In The Grass

Splendour In The Grass

Splendour in the grass also started as a one-day event but later emerged as a multi-day music festival and is now considered country’s largest winter music fest. The tickets of this fest always sell out pretty fast every year and the line-up is amazing and huge. It even got the “Favourite Line-up” award in 2009.

Location: Byron Bay
Dates: Late July – Early August
Cost: AUD 130

4. Pyramid Rock Festival

Pyramid Rock Festival

The Pyramid rock festival happens on the New Year’s Eve and is a campout rock music fest. This music festival is not like others. The locals and also people from other countries camp outside where a stage is set and international and local artists perform all night. There is nothing like camping out while listening to various artists and enjoying the night. It is definitely an unusual and exciting experience every music lover would die for.

Location: Phillip Island, Victoria
Dates: 30th December – 1st January

5. Village Fair

Village Fair

Village fair is an annual musical festival held in Bathurst, Australia. It initially started as a community festival for students of Charles Strut University but now it has grown a lot bigger and features many popular Australian artists. It is organized by the students of the university every year. The Village Fair has attracted several upcoming Australian artists and famous DJs.

Location: Bathurst, Australia
Dates: Late September – Mid-October
Cost: AUD 50

6. Good Things


Good things is the annual music fest held in the major cities of Australia. The genres include rock, punk, emo, and metal. This music fest started in 2018 and became the biggest music festival held in Australia. There are many international artists who perform along with a few local bands. Have an amazing time attending this splendid music festival.

Location: Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne
Dates: 7th and 9th December

7. Rock It

Rock It

Rock It is an Australian music festival which mostly features modern rock music. It is one of the major concerts held in the region annually. As this festival focuses on rock music, all the rock lovers are sure to have the time of their lives while enjoying the music. So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of this amazing music festival this year!

Location: Perth
Dates: Various

8. Undara Outback Rock And Blues

Undara Outback Rock And Blues

This festival features high-quality acts and famous artists and takes place in April. It is a three-day rock and blues music fiesta. It takes place in Undara volcanic national park which makes the venue unusual as compared to other concerts. Generally, various local bands play here so one can experience the non-mainstream music too and listen to original compositions.

Location: Undara Volcanic national park, Australia
Dates: In April (Date varies)
Cost: AUD 170

9. Wind On Water Festival

Wind On Water Festival

Wind on water festival is attended by over 10,000 people every year and is one of the most significant events held by the city of Geraldton every year. This festival features several high-profile performances and lasts for about 12 hours. Ending with fireworks, Wind on water festival showcases Australian traditions and culture through music!

Location: Geraldton, Australia
Dates: April 21st – 22nd
Cost: AUD 25

10. Jungle Love Festival


The Jungle Love festival happens every year and has several local artists performing. It attracts people from all over the world due to its fairylike setting. Along with great music to groove to, this festival also has various other attractions and is set along the Yabba creek which makes the organizers host a variety of activities one can enjoy while listening to some great music.

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Dates: November 29- December 1
Cost: AUD 199

11. Kyneton Music Festival

Kyneton Music Festival

Kyneton music festival has the best Australian bands performing live music while you groove and dance to the rhythm. Many famous Australian bands and artists have performed in this festival. This music festival has become so famous that the tickets sell out very soon. The audience is always left in awe of the amazing performances held at this festival. This festival promotes Aussie music.

Location: Kyneton, Australia
Dates: October end
Cost: AUD 30-80

12. The Grass Is Greener

The Grass Is Greener

It is another music festival in which the audience can enjoy heart-pounding music at an electrifying venue and amazing stage presentation. The Grass is Greener is a boutique music festival. Musicians of all genres perform here and hence with every change of genre the vibes of the place change. The music lovers can explore various genres and not just stick to one in this fest.

Location: Queensland
Dates: April end
Cost: AUD 79

There are a number of rock festivals in Australia among other music fests throughout the year. There are many people from all over the world who come specially to witness the mélange of music and culture in Australia. Many famous artists and bands also come from other countries to deliver a performance in these fests. So, all you music lovers, plan a trip to Australia with TravelTriangle and have a great time at these world-famous music festivals!

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3 Resorts In Belgaum That Let You Experience The Calmness Of This Laidback Town

On the way to the popular tourist spots, there are many small turnabouts that take you to some lesser known places. Though Belgaum is not completely unknown, it certainly is a road less traveled. Located strategically near Bangalore and Goa, Belgaum is a perfect weekend getaway for family and friends. And one of the major attributes that make a place a favorite among the tourists is its hospitality. For you to experience the Belgavi hospitality, we’ve listed the top 3 resorts in the city for an ideal stay.

famous waterfalls near belgaum

Even though weather in Karnataka stays pleasant most of the time in a year, it is advised to visit this beautiful place during late monsoon. You can witness the best of Belgaum around September and October as the waterfalls are more dazzling and serene at this time.

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sun shining on the road to belgaum

By Air

You can board a direct flight from Delhi to Belgaum which is approximately of 5-6 hours and costs around INR 6,000 per person depending upon the season and availability. You can take a cab to reach your respective destination from the Belgaum airport.

By Train

Travelling via train from Delhi to Belgaum can take much longer as compared to a flight which is about 34 hours, but at the same time, it is much cheaper, costing around INR 750 per person. It’s totally a choice between budget and the amount of time one wishes to spend in travelling.

By Air and Bus

In order to save time, one can opt to board a flight from Delhi to Goa and then take a bus from Goa to Belgaum which will take approximately 6 hours in total and would cost around INR 4,000 per person. You can choose this option if you wish to spend a night or 2 in Goa and get the best from your vacay!

If you seek a soothing getaway, head to these resorts in Belgaum for an experience like never before. Spend plenty of time amidst nature and unwind.

1. Sankalp Bhumi – The Farm Resort: Stay in the humble huts and cottages

Sankalp Bhumi resort in Belgaum

If you really want some peaceful time for yourself far away from the noise and clutter of the city life, you should book a stay at Sankalp Bhumi Farm Resort, Belgaum. Surrounded by pristine nature from all sides, the resort serves as a perfect cocoon to rest, heal and rejuvenate. A blend of rock, greener and pond, the resort makes the rustic feel all the more raw and real.

The resort is made out of locally sourced materials that typically go into making huts and cottages. The furniture in the cafeteria is made out of reused woods from discarded doors and windows. The no television concept of the resort helps people bond with each other and indulge in activities such as yoga, swimming, rock climbing or playing indoor games, and certainly makes it one of the best resorts in Belgaum.

Starting tariff: Rs. 2809
What’s special: The extremely organic lifestyle in the lap of nature
Tourist attraction nearby: Jamboti Hills, Vajrapoha Falls, Kamal Basti, Shree Mauli Devi Temple, Military Mahadeva Temple and Shree Ramakrishna Mission

2. Alurkar Resorts: The only animal-friendly resort in Belgaum

Alurkar Resorts in Belgaum

Alurkar Resorts, Belgaum is one of its kind farm resort where pets are as welcome as human guests. This resort does not feature cushy beds or air conditioned rooms. Here you are in for a completely different experience. You can take a tour around the farm and fisheries of the village and explore the agricultural richness of the area. Alurkar Resort is up on the mission to take agro tourism to the next level. The experience you earn from this resort is way too enriching and motivating for people to raise awareness about agro tourism and walk the path for a better and more responsible tourism culture.

Starting tariff: Rs. 800 + 4% luxury tax
What’s special: It is one of the very few pet friendly resorts in India.
Tourist attraction nearby: Bhairapur lake and Rasai Hill

3. Pai Resorts, Belgaum: A luxury property for a short vacation

Pai Resorts in Belgaum

Pai Resorts, Belgaum is one of the most beautiful resorts for a perfect getaway with family, friends or a corporate outing. The rooms are sufficiently spacious, tastefully furnished and well-appointed with all the modern amenities. The resort houses an in-house restaurant that offers all the local flavors. An active travel desk and laundry services are available for guests. Being one of the best resorts near Belgaum Airport and other tourist spots makes it popular among travelers. It is equidistant from Bangalore and Goa with just two and a half hour drive each way.

Starting tariff: Rs. 2000
What’s special: Close proximity with airport and other tourist spots; a very well maintained, luxurious and spacious property for travelling as well as organizing events and weddings.
Tourist attraction nearby: Killa Lake, Belagavi Fort, Military Durga Devi Temple

Have you been to any of these resorts? Pack your bags and get moving. Book your trip to Karnataka with TravelTriangle today and get the best of Belgaum!

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A Family Road Trip From Bangalore To Paris: A Drive To Remember!

A road trip from Bengaluru to Paris with family sounds impossible right?But they did it and it was one hell of a journey!

Meet Anand and his wife Punita who took a road trip with their kids from Bengaluru to Paris in 111 days. They covered 22,780 kms and more than 50 cities in their sedan – Fiat Linea! Also let’s just take a bow to their epic parenting and driving skills which made their journey such a stellar success. (Yes, the kids were awesome too!)

Road trip from Bangalore to Paris

But why would anyone want to take this crazy trip?

Anand and his family on a road trip to Paris

It all started when the family took a road trip from Bangalore to Rajasthan and the idea of a transcontinental road trip struck Anand’s mind. It would be a fascinating experience and Anand wanted to pursue it. Moreover, the timing for him was also perfect since he had recently quit his job for his own entrepreneurial venture.

But wait, there was his family involved too!

So Anand weighed in on the pros and cons before presenting the plan to his wife and kids. He also knew that getting permission for leaves from their kid’s school would be more difficult than the visa formalities of Iran and Uzbekistan!

But somehow, it happened, the school authorities were more than delighted and open to such an amazing and ambitious trip plan! The wife too, had agreed! THE TRIP WAS ON!

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How did they do it?

A decked up car for a road trip from Bangalore to Paris

The Baid’s raised capital for their trip from over 14 countries and well wishers. They gave themselves a name and a purpose “Little Indian Family of Explorers or L.I.F.E” and were now ready for the road trip of a lifetime!

So after exchanging almost 2500 emails and coordinating with 12 different embassies, the family was all set.

Packed with all the essential supplies including medicines, they got their Fiat Linea serviced one last time and set off.

“L.I.F.E had just begun for them!”

The Route

Experiencing snow on a road trip to Paris

The route that they chose was also crafted as per his family member’s interest for example Punita wanted to see Paris and Yash was a fan of the football team FC Barcelona – so they made a detour to Spain.

Crafted around the ancient Silk Route, L.I.F.E’s road map began from India and then crossed Nepal, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain and finally ended at France.

What did they experience?

Anand and his family at the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan

Calling this trip as a fulfillment of destiny, Anand believes that since the whole universe conspired for it to happen – that same universe also made sure they met wonderful people on their journey!

Wherever they went, they found kindness and help with the best one being a woman in Uzbekistan paying for their entire meal without them even knowing about it! Any why? Because she loved India and the Taj Mahal.

However their journey wasn’t as smooth as imagined (obviously). Meals were a challenge but they managed, thanks to the impeccable cooking skills of Punita.

Anands family on the road to Paris

“She would whip up something amazing from the basic ingredients on the portable stove every time we were hungry”.

Apart from this, they faced a major challenge during the earthquakes in Nepal.

“Being trapped in Nepal during the earthquake was an extremely scary situation. We were at the bottom of a valley and rocks kept falling from above for five days straight. Somehow, we managed to get out alive.”

Moving on from scary situations, for Team L.I.F.E, the whole journey was about self discovery and self realization.
“Sometimes you have to journey far from home to find out who you really are. Because we were witnessing so many things at once, there wasn’t any time to assimilate what was happening to us. It’s only after we came back did we understand that we had all grown as individuals. The greatest thing about travel is that while your physical boundaries have stretched, it’s the horizons inside of you that expand, to encompass the world you witnessed.”

Anand and his family during the earthquake in Nepal

To inspire families and travelers who wish to embark on exciting journeys, Punita and Anand give out some really valuable tips:

  • Prepare a detailed itinerary and plan before you approach your family with the plan. Everyone has their schedules especially children since they need to take leaves – and the school needs to see tangible value in your plans.
  • Keep your children involved during the journey and process for example my kids, Yash & Dhriti, were responsible for scouting hotels, refueling, and washing the car. It brought a sense of responsibility in them.
  • Always remember, it is easier to take a trip with children when they are young.
  • Allow your children to mingle and understand with different people and cultures. They will gain new experiences and make new friends like my kids. At the same time, it is alright to feel protective too.
  • Branding your car will help you at the borders. Our Linea had BLR-PARIS stickers and L.I.F.E livery which added authenticity.
  • If possible, attach a camper van to your car. It will save you money on hotels.
  • Brush up on your sign language skills before you leave.

Punita cooking food on the go during their road trip to Paris

Surely, as witnessed by the Baid family, the best and most fruitful experiences in the world come from travel only and that is all L.I.F.E is about.

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